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WWII 306th Bomb Group (

Discussion in 'Heavy & Very Heavy Bombers' started by barthé35, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. barthé35

    barthé35 New Member

    Bonjour les amis

    Me revoilà sur un autre avion qui tombé à Treillieres 44 au lieudit "La Cascade, Château du Haut Gévres".

    C’est avions était un B-17 G-35-DL qui est tombé le 15 juin 1944 il était immatriculer 42-107212 et codé RD-Z son équipage était composer

    (Pilot) 1st Lt.Wilbur B. O'Brien.(POW).

    (CP) 2nd Lt.George C. Price.(POW).

    (NV) 2nd Lt.William D. Allen.Burial : Nassau Knolls Cemetery Port Washington Nassau County New York, USA.

    (Bdr) 2nd Lt.William B. Uhlhorn.(POW).

    (RO) T/Sgt.Odis G. Pearson.(POW).

    (TTG) T/Sgt.Richard F. Boozer.(POW).

    (BTG) S/Sgt.David F. Gibson.(POW).

    (WG) S/Sgt.John S. Sutton.(POW).

    (TG) S/Sgt.Arne G. Ziem.(EVD).

    Cela dit nous pensons que ce B -17 G-35-DL n’était pas peint. Nous pensons qui était couleur aluminium. Pourriez-vous de votre côté nous trouvez une photographie de ce B-17 G en couleur car nous ne le trouvons pas en France. Merci

    Voici quelque site ou nous parlons de ce B -17 G




  2. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    B-17 production starting in January 1944 was to delete the camouflage paint and be delivered in natural metal finish (NMF). Starting in blocks G35BO, G20VE, and G35DL, but not necessarily at the beginning of these blocks. Your B-17, 42-107212 was pretty far along in block G35DL about # 800 or so out of more than 2,000 in the block. Finding a photo of a lower number aircraft in that same block could pretty much solve your problem.
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  3. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    I have a photo of 42-107215, same block as yours but 3 aircraft later. It is definitely NMF. Will continue to search for one with a lower serial number than yours.
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  4. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    OK, here is a photo of 42-107029 showing NMF. Also see this link, scroll down to page 6 and see several from block G35DL, all are serial numbers before 42-107212 and all are NMF.

    http://www.447bg.com/aircraft gallery3.pdf

    TAILWIND 5b.jpg
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  5. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Well done, Hal. Also from the original posters reference to the American Air Museum, photo section / Roger Freeman Collection http://www.americanairmuseum.com/media/5061
    is an image of an earlier construction B-17G-50-BO-41-102503, again NMF; and for the sake of conversation (306th BG, 423rd BS) lost Sept 12, 1944, Germany. MACR 8835

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