Wilmot K. Larr Crew/Clemence H. Hill

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    I am seeking a crew photo of the crew Wilmot K. Larr, 460th Bomb Group, 761st Squadron, downend Munich 19th of July 1944.
    The ship went down near Faistenhaar, 2 KIA, the others POW (one died in captivity).
    MACR starts here: https://www.fold3.com/image/28665267
    Aircraft is 42-51140.
    My special interest is in the bombardier Clemence H. Hill. His capture is not documented in the MACR.
    I got a photo on Tuesday showing the capture of an assumed american air man in 1944 in this area. Since the picture is very bad you can see almost nothing except of traces of heated trousers, and a flyer blouse. The only information the photo was shot is the location and the year. As for the outfit i thought of an officer only. Time of the year could be sommer but except of winter also other seasons are possible. Except of some German aircraft we have no special downing for allied single fighters at that year at that place. The only ship which could fit (right now, if its 1944) would be July 1944, 19th. The description would fit, although its very far away from the crashsite.
    I am not allowed to put this picture in the internet right now, I have promised that to its owner.
    Thank you for all your input.
    I do have a picture of Wilmot K. Larr.
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    MACR 6916. 2nd Lt. Clemence H Hill, ASN: O-754841, from Pennsylvania, POW:Stalag Luft 1 Barth, EUS, NARA https://aad.archives.gov/aad/record-detail.jsp?dt=466&mtch=1&cat=WR26&tf=F&q=O&754841&bc=,sl,sd&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=75401
    No findagrave page.
    Nothing found in the way of any crew photos for this group/squadron.
    Stalag Luft 1 http://www.merkki.com/north2.htm search Clemence H Hill (no photo)
    Clemence H Hill, as of 1950 living Savannah, GA (see attached)
    Death: 9 Jun 1972, Pembroke, Georgia, age 51, no obit with photo found.

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    Greetings BMBazooka. What is your purpose in locating photo? Are you related to either person? I too am looking for info on this MACR.

  4. BMBazooka

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    I just would like to identify the person on the photo.
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    where is the photo?
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    I will tell you of my interest. My mother Fay Herberger married Wilmot K Larr on July 3, 1942. They were high school sweethearts. He enlisted in 1941 and became an MP Stationed in LA, close to where my mother was going to college. Spurred on by a long time family friend, he joined the Air Force. He was MACR#6916 on July 19, 1944. My mother remarried. She passed away 10 years ago. As I have no children, I am organizing and reducing my effects, of which I have many from my mother's time with Bill Larr. I'm donating his purple heart, silver star, etc. to the Roseville, CA museum along with their story and photos. You mentioned you have a photo of Bill Larr; Can you forward that to me? I have many photos of Bill during his training as my mother, a camera buff, was at every location prior to full deployment overseas. If you or anyone knows of an appropriate website to upload my finished story, I'm open to suggestions. Lastly, I have tried to connect with Larr family members out of Indiana. There were so many girls that it's hard to connect last names. If there is a Larr relative out there, I would be curious if they knew of him or have any feedback on Bill Larr, and if they would like a copy of the story.

    Thank You - Wendell
  7. GW Ulberg

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    BTW - I have a letter from Clemence Hill to my mother explaining the event.
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    Be back this evening. I try to contact the owner of the photo.
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    There will be an article in the local newspaper next week asking if somebody remembers the story of this possible american air man.
    So, I can upload photo and article then :D
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    Source: Tölzer Kurier, July 9th 2017

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