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    The curator staff at MAPS Air Museum is working on a display that includes some memorabilia for William H. Colbert. William flew with the 5th FS from March 31 1945 through Dec 5th 1945. We are seeking information on aircraft that William flew and also an accurate color scheme for the P-51's the 5th would have flown during that period of the war. Any information would be helpful and appreciated.
    Dave Bell Curator Staff MAPS Air Museum.
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    According to information on this page:

    on 26 July, 1945 he was in a landing accident in P-51K-10NT, 44-12245.

    Joe Baugher's site has:
    44-12245 (5th FS Commando, 1st Air Commando Group, 10th AF) in landing accident at Asanol airfield, India Jul 26, 1945.

    Pilot survived, aircraft badly damaged, unknown if repaired.

    As to what a 5th FS Mustang around that time would look like, there is a discussion of a plane called "SIGH" which "may" have been in the 5th FS here (some confusion as to its squadron).
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    Thanks...much appreciated.
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