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Discussion in 'Forum Tech Help' started by Alex Smart, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Hello Scott,
    Welcome back, I for one have missed this forum and am very glad to be able to take part again.
    Well done for all you do for us all.
  2. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Hi Scott,we all are happy the site is back. I hope the research can continue,

  3. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Welcome back ..... I think I was having withdrawal symptoms.
  4. pathfinder504

    pathfinder504 Active Member

    Got to this page some how. My old link to the Forum page doesn't work. Just pressed a bunch of buttons and here we are. Will watch for housekeeping updates.
  5. Scott Burris

    Scott Burris Site Admin Staff Member

    Apparently a whole cluster of servers where our site is hosted went through some sort of 'issue.' In their event log they called it a 'network interruption', but you could see it rolling through multiple servers and for roughly the same length of time. I suspect it was something a little more involved on the hardware side that they just choose not inform us about.
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  6. j.peters140

    j.peters140 Active Member

    Welcome back.

    As a WW II participant, in the 15th AF, along with participation in the first four months of the Korean Conflict, from Japan, and the Cold War.....I really appreciate this website.

    Jim ;-)
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  7. Robersabel

    Robersabel New Member

    It has been a while since going through the process of obtaining MACR. Today, require steps to locate same. Appreciate it...
  8. billrunnels

    billrunnels Active Member

    Welcome back......being a participant on this Forum for a number of years has been a pleasure. While memories of WWII grow dim at this stage of life the Forum has greatly helped sustain them. Thanks for your dedication to this end!

    B-17 Bombardier.
  9. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

  10. seesul

    seesul New Member

    Hello to all!

    After some years I rejoined this forum and as I can see all the old post dissapeared. Is it stored anywhere or it doesn´t exist anymore?
  11. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Scott says they are stored safe someplace off site.

    Keep hoping that someday, the software will emerge that will allow this invaluable database to once again be active. Even if it is an unorganized mess (hell, a lot of us deal with the USAAF files everyday and used to crap microfilm and files that have no order)

  12. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    I was thinking about what problems might be faced in trying to "bring back" posts on the old forum into the "new" forum. One difficulty might be having to recreate "member" entries for old members that are not on the new forum or are now using different nick names. A way around this might be to not try to do that, but rather create fake posting members, maybe a member for each category of the forum.
    For example, let us look at a piece of the old forum here, via the Way-Back machine.


    This is a thread in the old forum, Heavy & Very Heavy Bombers section, with multiple posters.

    Suppose each post was modified to include just the text name of the poster as the first line of the post but the poster of the entry in the "new" forum would be changed to somebody like "Old-Forum-H&VHB"
    Thus in the New forum, the first post would look something like this:
    The member name showing on the left side, , i.e. the "person" who posts it would be "Old-Forum-H&VHB"
    The text on the right would say:
    From Freddy
    B-24 tail or nose turret found in the Adriatic Sea
    In the garden of the Sailors Association base of Caorle (near Venice) is kept a Consolidated 6-A turret, recovered, about twenty years ago, from the submerged wreck of a B-24 ditched into the Adriatic sea during the Second World War....etc,
    The Second post would also be posted by " Old-Forum-H&VHB" and would say in the text:
    From Herb Harper
    AFHRA at Maxwell AFB, AL. has microfilm rolls that contain information arranged numerically by machine gun serial number for European and Mediterranian theatres of operations The micro film roll numbers are Volume # 1 ( serials 648229 to 686953) Roll # A1114
    Volume # 2 (serials 686968 to 1085953) Roll # A1115 .....etc.

    Every post in the merged thread, in fact the poster of every thread coming from the Old Forum "Heavy and Very Heavy Bombers" would be "Old-Forum-H&VHB".
    All the threads from the Old Forum, would be posted by similar dummy "category" posters.

    What this does from a programming standpoint is to eliminate having to create various linked tables with the "old posters" in a members table linked to their posts, etc.

    What you lose here, among other things would be the ability to search for posts by member.
    If such a merge of were done, so the the old forum posts were part of the current fourm, here are examples of what could happen.
    For example, while " Freddy" is both in the old forum and is a current member, searching for posts by Freddy would not go back to his old forum posts, even though his name does come up now as a member. His old post would be there, with his name in the post, but it would not be linked to his current member name "Freddy".

    Searching for Herb Harper's posts would fail immediately, as he is not a member of the new forum and his name would not get "added" as a member, when the old forum got merged. His name would only appear as a text lines in his old posts.
    What may cause difficulties would be how attachments in the old posts are linked, as you would want those things to still show up in the merged forums.
    What is gained here might be a great simplification in programming the merge.
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  13. seesul

    seesul New Member

    Ok, thanks guys, let´s see as how it turns out in the future.
  14. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    The old forum was an website of great class, I think Scott never expexted that it was so huge.
    When you don't update your programs and software you will get such disasters like happens with
    the old forum. I expect that we never ever seeing the old forum threads,because its now one-half-year
    ago that we had this Touchdown. With such a good researchers as Scott M, HAL,ROLLAND,DAVE
    SUSANNE we made a second change.
    At this moment we need MODERATORS . So your highness Burris, wake up !!!!!!!!!!!!

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