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    On the "12oclockhigh" forum a question about the serial number of "War Weary & Tired" a/c numbered "49" which I understand would be a 376 BG 513 BS aircraft.

    However I have also seen a "49" recorded as a 514 BS a/c ?

    B24BestWeb.com, (no longer part of this forum it seems ?) has pictures of "War Weary & Tired"/"49" and also of a later "J" model serial number 42-78672, numbered "49".

    Could it be that this later "J" replaced the earlier "D" model ?

    If so how could one find the details of the replacement and reason for the earlier "D" model being taken off line/ lost in action ?

    Second part of my request for info is wether the numbers carried by the 513BS and 514 BS at any time overlaped, in such a case both squadrons would have a "49" in service ??

    Thanks for any replies
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    I don't remember the details because it wasn't related to the research I was doing at the time, but I do remember reading the 376th Bomb Group's Duty Log which contained an entry ordering the Group to ready B-24Ds (by serial number) for shipment back to Gioia. They were to be replaced by newer B-24Hs. I don't believe it was mentioned, but I assumed the older models would be converted to a non combat role or salvaged.
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    Thanks for the response, I had long forgotten this post, started in Dec 2015.:)
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    From my B-24 days, I somewhat remember the the 376th BG divided the groups in groups of 25 aircraft -- aircraft 1 thru 24 were one squadron, 25 - 49, 50 - 74 and 75 thru 99, with double nuts (00) being a group HQ ship.

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