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Victorville, Army Flying School Class 42-K, Flights G, H, I, 20 Oct 1942 photo

Discussion in 'Ground Commands, Stations, & Bases' started by 25Kingman49, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    These Victorville Class 42-K photos were shared with me by Pam Watson. Some of you may remember Pam from this lengthy thread http://www.forum.armyairforces.com/threads/great-source-of-info.999/#post-7046 about her father 1st Lt Floyd H. Jamerson and Crew. Also a very special thank you to Mr. Randy Daniels, Southeastern Illinois College, Media Services who scanned these original photos, and more for Pam, saving them to a thumb drive (now digitally saved for posterity).

    This first photo is quite nice as it is self-captioned with the Class details including names of the class members, and dated 20 October 1942 [66 airmen pictured]. I am not completely sure what stage of training this is or if this is a graduation photo. This is a rather large image 1.5 MG, zero in on the men pictured here. Over there left breast pocket were “Silver Wings” should be there appears to be some other rectangular device. Does anyone recognize this device? In this photo (Cadet?) is in the second row, 2nd from the left.
    Victorville, Army Flying School Class 42-K, 20 Oct 1942.jpg

    I have checked the AAF Collection http://www.aafcollection.info/items/list.php searching by Airfield, and Victorville. This Class 42-K is not represented.

    This second photo is most interesting simply captioned: Squadron-Class 42-K-Air Force Basic Flying – August 28, 1942 [49 airmen pictured]. So by date alone it is assumed this is the beginning of Class 42-K and the photo above is completion of training for this class. I would have expected the final photo to have fewer members rather than more as a result of cadet washout. Sadly there is no cadet name caption with this photo and nothing written on the back which may frustrate many. In this photo Cadet Jamerson is standing in the middle row 2nd from the right. Pam is looking to see if she has a document in her files which goes with this 2nd photo naming these cadets.
    28Aug42 Aviation Cadet Floyd H Jamerson, Victorville, Class 42-K.jpg

    There was a time when I would have pinned this to the top of Ground Commands so it wouldn't get lost under subsequent posts. Sadly those tools are no longer available so for those interested in this topic bookmark this page for future reference.

    Thank you, Pam for these unique 1942 Victorville, CA class photo contributions.

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  2. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    I do hope forum members can help please. Pam supplied additional documents/certificates which by date appear to be related to the Victorville images above. However these certificates name the airfield as Minter Field about 120 miles northwest of Victorville Army Air Field, CA.

    My question is if this was some type of early fight training where both Air Fields were involved? Or other member understanding this topic.

    Here are the two certificates that by time frame appear to be related to the above Victorville flying School cadet images.

    [1] Sgt Jamerson, Flight I commander 2Sept42 Minter Field.jpg
    [2] Cadet Jamerson, Basic Flight graduation Cert Milton Field, 28Sept42.jpg
    If nothing else here are two examples of Minter Field Flying School documents/certificates.

    All responses welcome, specific to this topic.

    Thank you,
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  3. shawneegal

    shawneegal Member

    Thanks for posting these pictures and documents ,Scott Hopefully we will get some responses and more info and I will keep researching what I have in Dad's foot locker.
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