Vernon J. Razak, 67th TRG 30th PRS, F-5E crash 1-21-45

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    Hi all,
    I am reaching out to help my son in law find further information on the death of his uncle, Vernon J. Razak, O-769940, who was killed on January 21, 1945 in the crash of the F-5E (44-23732) he was piloting. This incident occurred somewhere in France according to MACR 11928 (I do not have the complete MACR; only what was shown on the MACR index page).

    I don't have access to any of the website databases you experienced researchers use, so I am reaching out for assistance in this quest.

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    Thanks for your help!
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    Hi Airwar,
    Is the above link one that references the crash site of Lt. Razak's aircraft?
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    My continued thanks to you all for your assistance.

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