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US Army Air Force D-2 Mechanics Artic Jacket

Discussion in 'Uniforms, Medals, and More' started by SPCLawrence, May 26, 2017.

  1. SPCLawrence

    SPCLawrence New Member

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the US Army Air Force D-2 Mechanics Artic Jacket issued during World War 2? I have only seen 2 in my life and they were only pull overs, until a couple days ago. I was at a auction when they sold a D-2 jacket that is zip up, both liner and outer shell. This looks like it was issued that way. Any thoughts?
  2. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    Only one's I've ever seen were pull over with a short mid-chest zipper. The liners had a full length zipper. Could be the one you saw had been customized by a previous owner?
  3. shaef1944

    shaef1944 New Member

    The D-2 was a parka, not a jacket, so pullover, no zipper, Some parkas had a zipper to attach a hood, but not to close the garment. As Lucky said, possible altered by a previous owner, or possibly an aftermarket piece made like a D-2 but with a zipper.

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