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    Has anyone worked with the THOR database?

    A little background:

    The site is on-line here:

    There is a user manual tab on the above link at the top and also a Grab and Go section which has some down-loadable Google Earth files, just to get you started. I played around with a couple of them just to see how it worked.

    I tried selecting some data related to our thread on the 416th BG. Note when you are creating your own report you HAVE to select (in the upper right) how you want the data, Excel, html or Google Earth. You need to choose one or the report fails. For some reason the Excel option does not seem to work for me at the moment, not sure why, the html did work.

    Has anyone used the system and formed some opinions? One thing I noticed is that it does not seem to give any warning message when the database is down, you just don't get anything in your report.
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    Thanks for sharing Rolland.
    Most interesting database and program new to me. Took it out for a spin and like any new resource will take me a bit more time to offer an opinion. For now its just good to know Lt. Col. Jenns Robertson at Maxwell (not a new program starting 2012 ) is further digitizing material such as the USSBS United States Strategic Bombing Survey of WW II. Small pieces are available here and there, along with the summaries

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