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Thank you to Floyd Lucas

Discussion in 'All Hands Club & Canteen Discussion Area' started by Alex Smart, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Hello to all over the pond.
    I know that this is a topic not aviation minded but felt you all should know of a friendship that when I read the leter in my local paper, I just had to let you know of it.
    The paper "Falmouth Packet" March 1st, 2017.
    Page 19 under the heading "Robert Sturland".
    Many years ago an American Police Chief in line of duty visited England and had the opportunity to visit Cornwall where he met with our then Police Chief Mr. Sturland.
    Well that meeting led to a life long friendship and cross pond visits over many years.
    Recently Mr. Sturland passed away.
    That event prompted Floyd to put pen to paper and wrote such a very touching letter to our local paper which ends thus " We thank the citizens of Cornwall for sharing him with us for a couple of decades.
    Floyd Lucas, Chief of Police(Retired ) City of Hickory, NC."
    Their families friendships over the years just shows us all that there truly is a very special bond between our two Great Nations.



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