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Target numbering question

Discussion in 'All Hands Club & Canteen Discussion Area' started by Tmac1397, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Tmac1397

    Tmac1397 Member

    Daniel and Rolland,
    You have solved it! I am going to DC in May and will look these up at NARA. Thank you so much for your time and attention to my question. Tremendous information.
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  2. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Just to save you a little time at the archives:
    The attached lists are for the 386th BG records in RG 18, Entry 7A WWII Combat Operations Reports, location 190/57/33/2->.
    There is also a (incomplete) set of the AFHRA microfilms in RG 342, Entry 1006B.

    Kind regards,

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  3. Tmac1397

    Tmac1397 Member

    Thank you very much Daniel.
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  4. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member


    I got a reply on the location of target coordinates from some folks at the 416th.

    " To answer your question as to where it is. It is Chateau Baron on map 7F/1 It sits in Lambert Zone 1 VT 940632 Used for billeting GAF ground staff of Caen Carpiquet airfield."

    When we put vT940632 in the echodelta.net it comes up with, Latitude : 49° 08' 04'' N Longitude : 0° 29' 11'' W, exactly where you have put it your in post #18.

  5. Tmac1397

    Tmac1397 Member

    Wow. Thank you Rolland. That is really great information that I will use in my write-up.
  6. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Tom, a couple of more comments in the responses I received.

    "In summary, the RAF co-ordinated a series of books that read like a A – Z menu of targets, originally for Northern France. They did this in the months prior to the invasion by using ground intelligence from ‘various’ sources and intercepted radio traffic in combination with aerial photography, the mechanics of which is fascinating. The engineers were even using French maps from the 1880s to compile the books!"

    "These books proved to be very popular with the 9 AF, and new editions were produced as the war continued into Germany. "

    "The books themselves also can also be accessed at NARA. RG 243."

    and as we also learned from Daniel:

    "To answer Mr Swank's question : He is correct 48 01 W and 48 02W refers to two grids each being 1 degree latitude and one degree of longitude in size. W being West of Greenwich. The final letters and numbers do not refer to map references however, B and D refer to a target type, B being a railway line bridge and D being a road bridge. The number following being the target number."
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  7. Tmac1397

    Tmac1397 Member

    This morning I dug through all the operations reports I have for the mission and found this picture in a file I hadn't fully explored yet. It shows the chateau target area taken on 06/23/44, the day after the mission. (Those recon pilots and crews were nuts!) Obviously the target was not destroyed as it can be seen just to the left of the diamond shaped land feature:
    Baron Chateau.jpg
    You can see the bomb strikes that hit a few hundred meters South of the target.
    Baron GE2.jpg
    Modern aerial view.
    Baron Chateau.JPG
    Here's what it looks like from the ground. According to the French website I found: "Periods of construction:
    16th century; 1st half 18th century; 19th century"

    Thanks to all who responded in this thread. I learned a lot about the mapping systems used during the war.
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  8. Mutley

    Mutley Member

    Hi Tmac1397
    Wish you could make it to the reunion this year. I know we would have so much to look over and much more that we can help each other with.
    I haven't been on AAF.com for a while, since they had a bad crash some time ago! and work and research have got in the way!
    I'll get the information I mentioned in my recent e-mail done soon, but you have definitely been doing your homework, with the GREAT help, of the GREAT people here at AAF.com.
    Know I know even more about the target identification numbers than I have found in over 14 years of my own research! Details, details!!
    Keep at it.
    Mutley (AKA a B26 MHS director!)
  9. Tmac1397

    Tmac1397 Member

    Thanks Mutley!

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