Stele for Sgt Kingsland and " Belle Ringer " crew .

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    March 12 , 2016 my project to pay tribute for Sgt Kingsland and " Belle Ringer " crew was realised .

    By means with a small committee and authorities of the small village of Florée in Belgium , Ms Pamela Kemp niece of Sgt Kingsland died during the crash inaugurated a stele on the scene of the drama .

    My numerous researches had allowed me to find many details to make a small exposure on this subject , and my Friend Edouard Reniere representative of the Eighth Air Force in Belgium and Contributor of the site "American Air Forces in Britain " published datasheets

    Panneau K Kingsland version finale en RVB light.jpg
    DSCN0006 comp.jpg DSCN0015 comp.jpg DSC_0650.jpg
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    Article on the 8th AF News .
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    Thanks Raphael,Floree is in the vicinity of Ciney.
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    Thank you Jaap and Daniel .
    A big thank you also to Scott , especially for the 2 documents , the service card completed by Kenneth is a wonderful remember .

    I share an interview of Lt Seymour Eisenstat navigator , he explains his service and the circumstances of the accident by specifying that it is the Sgt Kingsland who protected him and saved life .
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    Raphael a photo of Sgt Kingsland wife

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    Great photo Jaap , Dorothy was a nurse, she remarried and had a girl who said that her mother had really never made Kenneth's mourning , and for her death in 1950, she wanted to be buried with her medals ( Unfortunately for the kingsland family ) .

    Mrs Pam Kemp who inaugurated the stele is the Merle Bixby's daughter , the Kingsland's family invited me this summer at their home in the USA , it will be a fabulous trip for me and full of emotions .
    They gave me a lot of Kenneth's photos .

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    I had the same experience with Americans who visit me in Holland. I receive a lot of invitations
    to come over to the USA,but never did. With young children and my own company there was no time.
    Now all are passed. I wish you a very special time in the USA.

    Raphael was her daughters name ; Dorothy Bugiel Kingsley ?
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    Yes Jaap it seems that it was its maiden name Dorothy Bugiel .
    I have no more details about her .

    Raphaël .

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