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    Hello I need informations and photos about Sgt Kenneth E Raack , because it's one of my godchildrens in the American War Cemetery Ardennes .

    He was top turret gunner and KIA 22 february 1944 aboard the " Sons O'Satan " .

    I did research and I have MACR , but I would want a photo , and get in touch with his family in USA , so that they knows that here in Belgium somebody goes on its grave and returns him honor .

    I can't acces this page but I think that Jaap can help me !

    For the family I found Mr Jordis Daley , but I can't contact her .
    He's relevant with Pearl Iola Raack born 14 july 1919 in Pennsylvania , died 18 décember 2010 , and I think but I'm not sure that she was relevant with Kenneth Raack .

    Jordis A. DALEY
    8701 Delgany Ave Unit 213
    Playa Del Rey, CA 90293-8152

    Thank in advance for your help .
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    Raphael, I think you are the the right track.
    Kenneth had two brothers, Carl Raack and Paul Charles Raack.
    Paul Charles Raack married Pearl Iola Small in 1941 in Ohio.
    They had a daughter Jordis Anne Raack born in 1948 in California.
    Jordis Anne Raack I believe married David E Daley so she would be Jordis Anne (Raack) Daley.

    If you do an anywho search for Jordis Daley (no middle initial) you will find a second address in Denver, Colorado. Oddly, if you see who else lives (or is associated) at that address, you find a Kenneth Paul Raack.

    Now Kenneth Paul Raack was born in California in 1945 to Paul and Pearl (Small) Raack, so Kenneth Paul would appear to be Jordis' brother. PM/Messaged you some info.
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    A big thank you Jaap for the links , I hoped to find a photo .
    Good idea for facebook , I'm going to get in touch with the school and Karen Raack Pentland .

    Thanks also to rolland to confirm my search on Jordis Raack Daley , that's great news to know thath she's kenneth's niece , Now I am going to try to find a way to contact her .

    Raphaël .
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    Lt Harold N Sheaffer. They testing new radio equipment

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    Robert Spisak

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    Bedankt voor de interesante links Jaap .
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    Waarschijnlijk heb ik een achterneef van hem te pakken. Probably I FOUND a nephew of him.
    Let you know by PM
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