Searching for the needle in a haystack: Which crew?

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    Went through the AV reports (ie autopsy reports on allied KIA) and none of these crews had an official report done.
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    I am gonna call one of the local researchers this evening.
    Maybe the trial files of US vs. Melchior and the other two cases have more information. Unfortunately, the review of US vs. Melchior misses one page - the most important one.
    the Dobson story has another heroe: A German NCO who offered him help to escape from the hospital. I have ordered his book and I am very curious, if both met later in Germany.
    This NCO Emil Müller made contact to the staff of Dulag Luft in Wetzlar so Starke was allowed to visit Dobson.
    Great story. And one which shows that among a all of the Nazi people there wer not only murderers and bystanders but heroes as well.
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    Thank you! I had considered to go through them so I don't need to.

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