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Searching for photo's 359th Fighter Group

Discussion in '359th FG' started by Jan De Wilde, Oct 12, 2017 at 9:54 PM.

  1. Jan De Wilde

    Jan De Wilde New Member

    Hello everyone,I'm searching for photo's of pilots of the 359th Fighter Group.
    Reason for this is that I'm starting a website about the 359th Fighter Group.
    I'm searching for a photo of the following airman and some more information such as date of birth,place of Death and so on.

    368th Fighter Squadrob

    Lt. John C. Allen
    Lt. Merle G. Aunspaugh
    Lt. Arlen R. Baldridge
    Lt. Louis E. Barnett
    Lt. Merle B. Barth
    Lt. Clifford L. Bartlett
    Lt. Robert V. Beaupre
    Lt. Geroge H. Blackburn
    Capt. Wayne N. Bolefahr
    Lt. Raymond L. Botsford
    Lt. Cecil R. Brown
    Major Wayne W. Brown
    Lt. Emer H. Cater
    Lt. Richard H. Daniels
    Lt. David P. Dummies
    Lt. Clifton Enoch Jr.
    Capt. Charles E. Ettlesen
    Lt. James J. Ferris III
    Lt. Lester W. Hovden
    Lt. Clyde M. Hudelson Jr.
    Flight Officer John H. Klug Jr.
    Lt. John F. Lausen
    Lt. Douglas A. MacLean
    Lt. James W. McCormack
    Capt. Thomas J. McGeever
    Lt. Donald L. Murphy
    Lt. William R. Simmons
    Lt. Henry L. Thompson

    369th Fighter Squadron

    Lt. Lawrence A. Bearded
    Lt. Charles R. Burning
    Lt. Lowell W. Brundage
    Lt. Harold R. Burt
    Lt. Clifford E. Carter
    Lt. Cecil W. Crawford
    Lt. George M. Givan
    Lt. Frank W. Holliday
    Major James A. Howard
    Lt. John E. Hughes
    Lt. James F. Hutton
    Lt. Russell H. Jenner
    Lt. Russell E. Másters
    Lt. Paul E. McCluskey
    Lt. Donald S. Melrose
    Lt. Lawrence F. Meyer
    Lt. Myron C. Morrill Jr.
    Lt. James R. Parsons Jr.
    Capt. Robert L. Pherson
    Lt. Homer L. Rodeheaver
    Lt. Stanley E. Sackett
    Lt. Robert B. Sander
    Capt. Karl K. Shearer
    Lt. Edwin L Sjoblad
    Lt. Charles E. Stubblefield
    Lt. Ferris C. Suttle

    370th Fighter Squadron

    Capt. Carey H. Brown
    Capt. James E. Buckley
    Lt. Dick Do. Connelly
    Lt. Alexander M. Cosmos
    Lt. Howard E. Grimes
    Lt. Lynn W. Hair
    Lt. Harold D. Hollis
    Lt. Cyril W. Jones Jr.
    Lt. John E. Kerns
    Lt. Ralph E. LinkedIn Jr.
    Capt. Washington D. Lyon
    Lt. Garland J. McGregor
    Lt. Wallace C. Murray
    Flight Officer James J. O'Shea
    Lt. Malcolm C. Paulette
    Lt. Alan C. Porter
    Flight Officer Luther C. Reese
    Lt. Gordon M. Shortness
    Lt. Joseph E. Shupe
    Lt. Stanley F. Stegnerski
    Lt. Earl W. Thomas Jr.
    Lt. William N. Tucker Jr.
    Lt. Benjamin J. Vos Jr.
    Lt. Frank E. Westall Jr.
    Lt. Bennie F. White
    Lt. Theophalus A. Williams
    Lt. Lawrence A. Ziska

    All help and information will be very much appreciated.
    I can be contacted by email at : webmaster@359thfightergroup.vpweb.nl
    Thanks in advance

  2. Peter Randall

    Peter Randall New Member

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  3. Peter Randall

    Peter Randall New Member

    Perhaps also, you would like to comment on this posting from Facebook?

    This is the new website from Mr. Jan de Wilde. After years of bad behaviour against some of our employees/foundation and several others, (including employees from Henri-Chapelle cemetery) and taking all kind of information and pictures from us and others, using a self claimed copyright on it, we decided to take action against his behaviour. We warned all our friends on facebook, but also facebook for abusing the rules of copyright and wrong attitude towards lots of people. We were not alone in this, because more people decided to make him stop. Sadly, it only worked for a short moment, because his old page and new page are online on Facebook again (he took the self claimed copyright away but puts a red or blue message trough pictures which says "courtesy of J. de Wilde")..but now he also has his own website which the link is attached to this message. Again we want to warn everybody for him and what he does.

    We will keep warning everybody for this person untill he and others like him understand what it means to share and how to behave in honoring those we died for our freedom.

    Best regards to all our fields of honor friends.

    Jasper van Haren
    Projectmanager database.
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  4. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Thanks Peter. The Jan de Wilde mentioned above by Jasper is indeed a great F... A....
    The group of Jasper are doing great things to Honor the Fallen.

  5. Jan De Wilde

    Jan De Wilde New Member

    Dear Sir,this message placed by that person is an insult

    Dear Sir,this accusation is an complete insult.I have the Facebook page aalready for some years online. This kind of messages were already put on another forum,but the photo's on my Facebook page are photos that I did get from the relatives,and this group does not even have those photos. Besides that they do forget that also the same relatives that provide them with photo's also shared them with me.Another thing is that one of their do called members did great me with the words "your days are counted".Another remarkable statement in the message is that warning everyone,till I known what it means to share photo's,well I only share photo's and information with Veterans,Veterans Associations and Relatives. It seems obvious that that is the whole reason why they are still trying to harrasment me. Please can you contact me and tell me the Facebook page that they placed this message on. By the way,taking steps to stop me,is a threat..It start to enjoy me that they keep on going instead of Crying like little children,they should behave like adults,and mind their own business.

    Looking forward to hear from you.
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  6. Jan De Wilde

    Jan De Wilde New Member

    Dear Jaap, first question you want my answer in Dutch or English.
    You are calling me an F A the same Jan de Wilde that you left a book for at Margraten Cemetery,2 years ago. And the same Jan de Wilde,whom you send a photo from Lt Allison,for his website,and the same Jan de Wilde with whom you had several phone conversation.So,instead of starting to call me all kind of names,it would be more polite to apologize.
  7. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Dear AAF Members, IGNORE , mr Jan de Wilde. Thank you.
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