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    Sgt Kane was beaten to death by members of the Volssturm and civilians at Neu-Wulsdorf, 5 miles East from Buxtehude.
    During the Dachau trials one of these criminals was sentenced to death by hanging and two others got 20 and 7 years imprisonment.
    In January 1946, Sgt.Kane was reinterred in the Margraten Cemetery Plot 3B-7-157 as X-2130
    Finally reinterred in Plot H-15-7.

    Engineer of B-17G 3 42-31615 '' Snafusk Shamrock ''. MACR 6003


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    Jaap, which Dachau case is it?
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    Nine Germans hanged at Lansberg , see also Hermann Dammann

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    In the REPORT OF BURIAL from Sgt. William Kane I found following remarks:
    Cause of death: 1. Skull fracture. 2. Bullet wound, lower left chest. 3. Possible drowing (water in lungs).
    Other wounds: 1. Fracture of jaw. 2. Fracture of left maxilla. 3. Blood in uper left abdominal cavity.

    Dammann, Böhrs and Brummer had abused W. Kane, but not Dammann shot W. Kane.
    A soldier from the near by "Fischbeker Kaserne" (Barracks) killed Sgt. William Kane.
    The mother of William Kane (Cecilia Gellen) was a German women from Weimar, his father
    Albert Kalne ( later in the USA the name without l) from Litavia. William Kane spoke very good German.
    His last words were: "Ihr Deutschen wollt es nicht besser haben." (Source: Hans Stöver, Hamburg-Fischbek)

    I think it could be possible that in the case of Dan A. Wais also a REPORT OF BURIAL has information
    about his death.

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    Susanne will you send me an email at
    I receive an email from Hartwig Frahm and probably you will answer this email.

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    I have done so ;)

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