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    I recently visited the Boxted Airfield Museum, which is on the former Boxted Airfield, near Colchester, Essex, England. On display they had a watch, which is said to have come from the late Robert S. Molnar. It was given as a gift by Robert, to a young lady that he had met whilst out cycling one day, and who he had taken out to the movies. She had donated the watch to the museum in his memory.

    I can confirm that Robert was a part of the 553rd BS, and had only flown on a Diversion Operation on the 28th July 1943, and was then lost on the 30th July 1943, as the 386th BG attacked the Woensdrecht Airfield. Martin Marauder B-26B-15-MA, ASN 41-31597, which was coded AN*V, and believed to have been named "The Wolf", was shot down by FW-190's. This was the first combat mission of the 386th BG. The loss is covered by MACR 212, which shows that 6 of the 7 man crew were KIA, with one becoming a POW. Five men are commemorated on the WOM (Wall Of the Missing) at the Netherlands (Margraten) American Cemetery, with one body having been identified, as it washed ashore on the 6th August at Tholen, near Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands, which is quite close to the airfield.

    Can anybody help me find information about Robert specifically, but also any of the other crewmen, and their current remaining family members!?

    P - 1st Lt. Glenn F. Zimmerman - MIA (WOM)
    CP - 2nd Lt. Robert S. Molnar - MIA (WOM)
    NB - 2nd Lt. Samuel D. McCollum - MIA (WOM) (see Note 1)
    Radio-Gunner - S/Sgt James P. Young. Jr. - MIA (WOM)
    Engineer-Gunner - Paul W. Bragg - MIA (WOM) (see Note 1)
    Armorer_Gunner - James F. Cuthbertson - Buried at Netherlands Cemetery B-17-6
    Passenger (A Pilot!?) - Cyrus S. Eaton. Jr. - POW

    Note 1. These two men can be shown to have been part of a training crew in the USA, in May 1943, and may not have been part of the 553rd BS, or 386th BG, before their departed from the USA!?

    ANY information is welcome. But I would specifically like to put faces to the names, and find any picture(s) that can confirm any of the aircraft details mentioned.
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    Wow! Now I guess I need to learn Dutch and German! Along with French!!
    Some great work is always done by the Dutch, and although I never had the pleasure of meeting Jan (John) Hey, I know that he is missed by so many people!

    Thanks Airwar.
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    Jan Hey was an great friend & spirit for our AirWar StudyGroup and all who asking his help.
    An very friendly person,who takes time for you. I met him several times,he is missing.
    Three weeks ago I was in St.Maartensdijk,Zeeland but had no mention about this crash.
    I know a fishermen from Yserke and shall ask him if they found something in this area.

    But,next week to Ameland,holidays,take care MuTley,

    Jaap Vermeer MDE

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