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Researching Tenth Air Force, 33rd Group, 6oth squadron

Discussion in '33rd FG' started by Wendy, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. Wendy

    Wendy New Member

    Would love to connect with anyone researching the Tenth Air Force, 60th Fighter Squadron, 33rd Group. This is the who my great uncle Corporal Rowe Neal Ash flew with, enlisted Feb. 1942-Nov. 1945. He passed away in 1952, I am helping his daughter research all the different places he was in while in the CBI. She was barely 4yrs old when he died and never really knew much about him.


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  2. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

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  3. Wendy

    Wendy New Member

    Thank you so much. I edited my first post to give a little more info. I did find this story he sent to my grandmother.

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  4. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member


    Thanks for sharing this document. Do you have his discharge papers as well? This will list the Campaigns he is credited with and offer an idea of when he was assigned to the 33rd FG and his Military Occupational Specialty code (MOS) number (three to four digits) which will explain his job, if that is of interest to you.

    Given that Cpl. Ash enlisted 7 February 1942 it is possible he joined the 33rd earlier than CBI with service in the North African Campaign. The third link provided in post #2 offers a chronological station list for the 33rd as it deployed from the United States to its return in 1945 (and beyond):
    Stations: Mitchel Field, NY, 15 Jan 1941; Philadelphia, PA, 13 Dec 1941-Oct 1942; Port Lyautey, French Morocco, 10 Nov 1942; Casablanca, French Morocco, c. 13 Nov 1942; Telergma, Algeria, 24 Dec 1942; Thelepte, Tunisia, 7 Jan 1943; Youks-les-Bains, Algeria, 8 Feb 1943; Telergma, Algeria, c. 20 Feb 1943; Berteaux, Algeria, c. 2 Mar 1943; Ebba Ksour, Tunisia, c. 12 Apr 1943; Menzel Temime, Tunisia, 20 May 1943; Sousse, Tunisia, 9 Jun 1943; Pantelleria, 19 Jun 1943; Licata, Sicily, c. 18 Jul 1943; Paestum, Italy, 13 Sep 1943; Santa Maria, Italy, 18 Nov 1943; Cercola, Italy, c. 1 Jan-Feb 1944; Karachi, India, c. 20 Feb 1944; Shwangliu, China, c. 18 Apr 1944; Punchacheng, China, 9 May 1944; Nagaghuli, India, 3 Sep 1944; Sahmaw, Burma, 26 Dec 1944; Piardoba, India, 4 May-c. 15 Nov 1945; Camp Shanks, NY

    If CBI is your only interest that service started Karachi, India, c. 20 Feb 1944 as described above, GE 33rd FG stations maps attached.

    This link http://raf-112-squadron.org/33rd_fg.html offers a little more 33rd history and images of the P-40's they flew in North Africa.

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  5. Wendy -
    FYI - The 33d FG was assigned to the 10th AF , Karachi , India. About Mid - April , 44 the
    33d FG was Detached(Loaned) to the 14th AF in China. The 33d FG returned to Nagaghuli ,
    India around 9/1/44.
  6. gwmetz

    gwmetz New Member

    If you are still searching I may able to offer some help. My uncle flew with the 60th FS in North Africa and I have collected information on the squadron. I have the daily reports of the squadron from the time they left the states through the CBI though the CBI ones are hard to read. There are a few good books on the subject. "The War Diaries of Sgt. Robert L. Covington" is one. There is no appendix but he does mention people by name in his writings. I, admittedly, have not read the CBI part but will scan through it when I get a chance. "The Occasion Fleeting" is written by the 33rd FG Surgeon. It covers the entire war. Both are good reads and connect with the daily life of the men. I believe "The Fighting 33rd Nomads" only covers the MTO and as I have loaned my volume II copy out, meaning it's gone forever, I can't check it. I cover the 60th in the MTO in my book "Last of the Randolph Blues" George Dively used to be considered the 33rd FG historian as his father flew with the 60th in the CBI but he has gotten away from it to pursue music. I am still in touch with him though. Sorry it took so long to see your post.
    Gary W. Metz

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