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Discussion in 'AAF Technology' started by BMBazooka, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Maybe someone has an idea: I am looking for a B 24 or B 17 or remarkable parts of it for an exhibition in Dresden in 2017. This exhibition will deal with lynching of alliied airmen in Europe (Germany, Austria).
    The bombers or parts of these bombers should have been flown in the ETO.
    I have asked the Deutsche Museum in Munich, Gatow will be the next.
    I am searching for a complete escape kit as well.
    Thank for your ideas, hints and comments!!!
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  3. BMBazooka

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    Thank you Jaap!
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    Suzanne I found this ;

    B-24H # 42-95229 - GC*R '' Rap em Pappy '', 392nd BG/ 579th BS, Date July 7th 1944. MACR 7216
    Crew is mentioned in the file.

    B-24 crashed near Rhoden,four miles of Osterwieck,Germany. 4 KIA, 5 POW.

    Lt. Wunderlin bailed out and during interrogation at the Gestapo HQ they kept asking quistions whether Wunderlin was Jewish
    wich was denied by the crew. The Germans had Lt. Wunderlin's escape pictures. It is known that in that area several Allied airmen
    were shot by a '' Airmen Hunting Team '' of the Gestapo. Reference should be made to cases ;
    12-1077, 12-1881 and 12-1960 reference M1217 NARA in Washington DC, that give revieuws of the trials near Goslar and Vienenburg.

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    What about anything to do with a B-26 Marauder, A-20 Havoc, A-26 Invader and B-25's!? As the B-17's and B-24's of the 8th and 15th AF's were not the only aircraft to bomb Germany (Europe!). The 9th and 12th AF's were there too, with their Medium Bombers, later in the war!

    On the 23rd December 1944 missions, with all of the B-26 Marauder losses, at least 4 men of one crew that was lost near Eller Bridge, were beaten and then hacked to death by German civilians! Being given the final 'Coup de Grace' pistol shot from a German Army Captain (Hauptman), who intervened and realized that they had little to no chance of survival!

    The pictures of these men's bodies were at the NARA College Park, Maryland site, in a War Crimes Trial File, containing over 100 pages including photograph's. When I tried to view the file however there was only about 20 pages, with NO photograph's! On making a comment about this, it was confirmed by the 'backroom' staff that the file should have been much larger and they would investigate this further! I still didn't even get to study the file however! Any didn't get in the loop of what transpired!

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    Mutley, thank you very much for sharing this information with me - us.
    Do you remember the case number?
    I ask this because I do have the same experience with a desparately need trial file.
    As for the ships, they have to be connected to the six cases we present. Thats the policy...
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