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Discussion in 'Forum Tech Help' started by terveurn, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Well, interesting event. When I was redirected as stated in my post above I was working on my iPad which uses Safari. Just tried the same link on my PC where I use Firefox and I was NOT redirected but came to the correct location with your Miss Lace thread.

    To make it even more interesting, I just tried using Firefox on the iPad and it redirected as before. So for me the common thread now appears to be Apple.
  2. B-24 Best Web

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    Actually, it seems to be coming from India!..

    ScreenHunter_81 Aug. 20 13.42.jpg
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    Used the link you provided earlier, with Firefox, I got a pop up over topping the enlarged image. Closed the popup and all worked okay after.

    Used google search for B-24, unknown, miss lace (without any connection to AAF Forums and got same overtopping by a popup.

    Definitely 'Redirect' related to google in this example!
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  4. terveurn

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    So the current pole that numerous end users of the AAF Forum ARE getting redirect errors.

    so much for YOUR theory that it is an end-user issue.

  5. Scott Burris

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    First step is recognizing that you have problem. The common thread is which users have an infected browser. It's a persistent and difficult bit of malware to remove and that AV program you're running doesn't even know it's there.

    Want to prove it? Go use an uninfected computer.

    There are dozens and dozens of variations. Some attack google, some yahoo, bing, and so on. You will find an endless list of complaints about this kind of malware and specific remedies for each.

    Most of the AV companies offer a free toolkit and instructions for fixing this problem. Some require you start in SAFE mode, some don't. Most will require a reboot or two. You'll have to manually remove some browser add-ons in the process.

    There's an entire forum dedicated to Malware removal by operating system and browser (that should give a clue about how big the problem is).
  6. terveurn

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    [QUOTE=" There's an entire forum dedicated to Malware removal by operating system and browser (that should give a clue about how big the problem is).[/QUOTE]


    All well and fine -- yet I have the following installed


    Hitman Plus:


    Registry First Aid:

    After I received this redirect error -- before I did a write-up telling YOU about the issue, I spent several hours with these 4 programs investigating to find out if MY system was infected.

    All 4 of these programs did not find a single piece of Malware on my machine -- my computers were clean (and my firewalls are on safe-mod).

    I was trained as both an aircraft mechanic, but I have been working and building my own computers since the early 1970's -- at one time I could program in Machine code, Assembler, FORTRAN-4, COBOL and I know how to troubleshoot registry errors.

    Do you really think I would post a problem if I did not spend a good amount of time trying to isolate and identify the source of these errors ??

    The problems do not occur on any other web site, and as I mentioned above, only seem to be associated with e-mail, informing of updates on conversations coming from the AAF Forum..

    If I had an malware issue, then I would have redirect errors on numerous sites and / or my anti-mail ware software would be screaming that my machine was under attack.

    I do agree with you original line :

    First step is recognizing that you have problem.

    and it is not on the end user's machines.

  7. Scott Burris

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    You're ignoring a fundamental factor in your diagnosis. If the redirect was on the server side, everybody would be affected and the internal linking structure of the forum would be in chaos.

    I understand it's frustrating, especially since you've done extensive scans with your AV software. The malware is devious. That's why you have to take specific steps to tackle it based on OS, Browser, and Malware behavior. That malware forum would be a good place to start.

    Best of luck.
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  8. terveurn

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    and yet Scott -- as noted above -- others have had the same problems

    Best of luck finding YOUR malware problem


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