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Discussion in 'Forum Tech Help' started by terveurn, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member


    Time you washed you server -- getting a lot of redirect errors.

    these only appear when I am clicking on the AAF Forum pages - the redirect are opening a second page.

    Only on the the AAF pages

    I have already did a registry cleaner on my machine and nothing appears for Malware....

    These redirect are only one one source


    car from india.JPG dot head landuage.JPG math crap.JPG floyd crap.JPG
  2. tonystro

    tonystro Member


    Although you ran a registry cleaner and are only encountering these redirect links on AAF Forums, I will assure you it is a malware on your computer, not something on the forums site. And, it was installed from a different website.

    How do I know? On and off for several years I would encounter the "link redirecting" problem or highlighted links in posts. It only showed up on AAF Forums, and one other forum I visit. At first I thought the websites were at fault, but learned it was malware I had picked up from some other site. So, I don't see the links nor redirects you mention; not in Firefox browser, not in Chrome browser and not in Echo browser.

    I have malware detect software running on my computer and that blocks/eliminates such malware. I used to use MalwareBytes but have been using AVG for a couple of years. I believe Windows Defender, included in Windows 10, also catches these malwares.

    I suggest you run a malware removal software on your machine. There are several available, some offer free use or free trials.
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  3. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member


    I have three Mal ware programs running -- Nortons, Hitman and CCLeaner (as well as Registry First Aid).

    I also ran MalwareBytes (as a freebe) just before I posted this message to Scott.

    Now all 5-programs came up clean on my end (and Hitman and CCcleaner are aggressive).

    Also for shits and giggles, I ran Norton aggressive malware software and that also came-up clean on my end.

    The only place these ads appear is when I click on a link from the forum -- you can clearly see in every photo I posted that these ad are appearing as a redirect from the forum.

    I do not have a redirect from any other site.

    I suggest Scott the malware removal software on his machine. There are several available, some offer free use or free trials.

  4. Duke

    Duke New Member

    I come to these forums several times a day and have never been redirected anywhere else. I use AVG and have for several years now. Very occasionally I run Windows Defender.
  5. tonystro

    tonystro Member


    I presumed you were experienced enough to be running some / many malware protection softwares. I just wanted you to know I, for one, was not experiencing any difficulty. And, maybe it was do to the anti-malware software I use. I have been trying to remember how / what aided me in getting rid of the problem the three or four times I encountered it, but so far have failed to remember what it was.
  6. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Like I said earlier -- I trouble shot it back to one source -- I have no other redirect errors on any other pages but the forum. If I was getting errors elsewhere I would say it was my system.

    Now if I have a hydraulic problem and troubleshoot it back to a valve, I am not about to look someplace else for a problem. This is aviation engineering 101

  7. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member


    Another redirect error -- now I know how it is occurring.

    When the AAF Forum sends me an e-mail telling me that one of the pages I have responded to has been updated, if I click on the view page (from my e-mail) I then get this redirect error.

    The AAF Forum e-mail is infected.

    How do I know -- I was on the AAF forum earlier and I did not get the direct from india crap.

    Received an update message from the AAF Forum and I clicked on the link -- when I was responding to the link, I was sent to some indian dot-head site.
  8. B-24 Best Web

    B-24 Best Web Member

    NOW I know what Dave is experiencing!! "Check it out" (when you do a "Google"search for a certain "B-24 MISS LACE") Try it!...

    When you "Hover" over the "Link" for the "Unknown B-24 "Miss Lace" | Forum", it should Link to:
    Note the URL "Redirect" at the bottom of this "Print Screen" (Super Loooong CRAP!)...
    (Every "Hover" over the other links (from the "Link" above) gave the "Correct (https/www) URL"!!

    ScreenHunter_81 Aug. 08 12.39.jpg

    Now when you click on a "Link" or "Image" (from this Link):
    you will be redirected to India!!
    Pretty sure it's a GOOGLE "Problem or Intention"?!!

    Note to Scott: Yup, you've been HACKED!! (Again!)
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  9. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Guys, when I do this, the link does point back to the forum, not the redirect to India, so the problem may not occur every time or it may be more complex than we think.

    I have experienced redirects when clicking links in the forum, but the method to get a redirect described above did not work for me.
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  10. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

    Good to see that I am not as crazy as I thought.

    Now I can go back to my medications and warm spot......

  11. B-24 Best Web

    B-24 Best Web Member

    Sorry RSwank, I inserted the WRONG (Right? URL) Try it again with the "GOOGLE URL" (Click on ANY Link/Image, after you click below!!):
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  12. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Hmm. nope. All seem to work except the couple posted by Hal to the bates-r-us website, which no longer exists.
    I wonder if you need to have been doing Google searches for items mentioned on the page just before you click on the link. I wonder if the problem may be a Google search or Google Chrome problem, i.e. it is occurring on our end.
  13. Scott Burris

    Scott Burris Site Admin Staff Member

    You're describing a classic piece of redirect malware. It's on the user end and can be very difficult to remove.

    Some hijack the browser some hijack your preferred search engine usage. Good luck removing it. I ended up wiping one laptop because it was just easier.
  14. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member


    That's all well and fine when the redirect errors occur on numerous web sites....

    When they are all occurring on only one site, the problem is on the web site and not the end user.

    I can recreate this problem by clicking on a e-mail from the AAF Forum telling me that a page I am interested in has a comment added. As long as I do not fall for this e-mail scam I do not end-up in india.


  15. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    I guess we could pole the current AAF forum membership (pretty small population these days) to see who else is experiencing these redirects. Frankly this thread has been up since 1 August 2017 and few other members are banging the drum that they are experiencing the same redirect issue as you are encountering. I would expect a lot more members complaining if this was a forum based issue.

    I personally have not experienced this "forum" redirect problem. I use Outlook for my emails, when AAF forum emails come in with a link to a thread, and I click on them Google Chrome is set as my default browser (used Firefox in the past, then it got twitchy) Chrome seemed more stable at least for me.

    AT NO TIME have I experienced a redirect of any kind which you are describing.
    Scott M

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