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    Bonjour les amis

    Voilà, je suis maintenant à la recherche de la photo du pilote Figgis Haugan W. du 362th FG / 379ème FS qui ces crashé le 11/09/1944 avec son Républic P-47 Thunderbolt . Nous avons fait une petite prospection sur le lieu du crash et nous avons trouvé ces quelques pièces.

    Pourriez-vous me trouver le code et le matricule de son appareil et tout ce qui se rapporte sur l'avion et du pilote. Nous n'avons rien que le nom du pilote.
    Je vous en remercie d'avance.
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    Here is a brief bio for Lt Haugan Weld Figgis from and newspaper sources, by no means a complete record, some supporting documents in chronological order attached.

    Haugan Weld Figgis was the son of Dudley Weld Figgis and Ragna Louise Haugan Figgis born 27 November 1920 in Evanston, Illinois. By 1925 the family had move to New York where is brother John MacFarlane "Mac" was born 9 April 1925, his only sibling. From 1930 to 1940 the family was living in South Orange, New Jersey with Haugan “Fig” as he was known attending "The Lawrenceville School", a prestigious Private Boarding School. Haugan initially enrolling at M.I.T., however transferred to Princeton in the fall of 1941. He enlisted in the Army Aviation Cadet program 25 June 1942, at Newark New Jersey, original ASN: 12093736. Released from enlisted service 25 June 1943, commissioned a Second Lieutenant single engine pilot on 26 June 1943 (Officer ASN not found), Served as a Flight Instructor in the United States for the balance of 1943 into 1944. During this period Haugan W Figgis and Frances E Figgis became married (no certificate record found). Lt Figgis then deployed to the ETO March 1944 serving as a P-47 Thunderbolt pilot with the 379th FS, 362nd FG, 9th Air Force, upon return to the United States was stationed at Moore Field, McAllen, Texas, honorably discharged 3 August 1945. Postwar Haugan attended and graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), (Likely with a BSME, no confirmed graduation record found). In 1948 employed as a salesman Haugan W Figgis and Frances E Figgis were living in Evanston, Illinois. By 1954 Haugan and Frances were residing in Cleveland, Ohio (no death, divorce or child birth records found). Haugan Weld Figgis married Hope Margaret Delbridge on Saturday 11 October 1961 at Bloomfield Township, Michigan, an affluent suburb about 20 miles northwest of Detroit (no record, other than newspaper clippings), after the wedding the couple would reside in Cleveland, Ohio. Haugan and Hope would have three children, son Robert F and two daughters, Maggie Figgis and Jan Ellen Dahlheim. Later residences of record are all in northwestern Michigan, 1978 Lake Leelanau, 1994 to 1995 Suttons Bay. Haugan Weld Figgis died 26 April 1995, at Leelanau Memorial Hospital Care Center in Michigan, after a battle with cancer.

    Original NARA enlistment record, ASN: 12093736

    Very little of this helps with the original questions regarding Lt Figgis and the Thunderbolt aircraft he flew; seems there were several planes. The newspaper articles sadly only offer poor quality images of Lt Figgis.

    Other sources which could be researched to possibly recover Lt Figgis records/data.

    There is a 362nd FG Facebook presence here searching posts for Figgis yielded no results, however contact here might yield additional Lt Figgis detail ..

    There is a history of the 362nd FG publication available here https : // at an exorbitant out of print used book price, way above my budget.

    There are records of the 379th FS, 362nd FG available from AFHRA, Maxwell, AFB Archive. Searching via the Air Force History Index (several 1944 and 1945 time frame files to select from), which "might" include information about Lt Figgis.

    [2] Lt Haugan W Figgis DFC award McAllen TX; 22April1945.jpg
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    Je fais également des recherches sur Haugan Figgis, son avion c'est crashé dans un champ de mon village, pour ne pas que cette histoire tombe dans l'oubli, je cherche un maximum d'infos sur cette journée du 11/09/1944.
    J 'aimerai savoir comment il a été récupéré.
    Pour les pièces,pas facile d'en trouver, les gens ne sont pas très bavard. C 'est dommage. j'ai trouvé 1 vérin, 3 pâles, ensuite une petite boussole,
    Tu as trouvé quelle genre de pièces?
    Peux être a bientôt

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