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    Likely "Aviator Murders" killed by Nazis on the ground; conclusion statement of pilot 1st Lt William P. Boyes, Jr.:

    Lt Elmer W Felgenhauer (CP) KIA/Murdered? Evading?

    Lt Merritt D. Turner (B) KIA/Murdered? Evading?

    B-17G-40-BO-42-97164 "Rebel Queen" and

    31 page MACR 11987 for those with fold3 access

    B-17G, 42-97164 crew on 28 January 1945, Mission No. 179, Target - Cologne:

    1st Lt Wallace F Boyes, Jr., O-826086 (P) (Alabama) POW/RTD/EUS. Original enlistment 20 Oct 1942 ASN: 14098710 POW

    2nd Lt Elmer W Felgenhauer, O-828131 (CP) (Illinois) KIA/Murdered? Original enlistment 29 Oct 1942 ASN: 16136261

    1st Lt Kenneth J Furst, O-2064561 (N) (California) POW/RTD/EUS. NARA enlistment record not found. POW

    2nd Lt Merritt D Turner, O-782986 (B) (Florida) KIA/Murdered? Original enlistment 15 Dec 1942, ASN: 14177738

    T/Sgt Francis J Horan, 32852015 (ETTG) (New York) POW/RTD/EUS. Enlisted 8 Mar 1943 POW

    T/Sgt Abraham [NMI] Feldman, 33508742 (RO) (Pennsylvania) POW/RTD/EUS. Enlisted 4 May 1943 POW

    Sgt Frank [NMI] Trapani III, 38544408 (BTG) (Texas) POW/RTD/EUS. Enlisted 27 Nov 1943 POW

    S/Sgt Roy S Duitman, 19124898 (WG) (California) POW/RTD/EUS. Enlisted 21 Sept 1942 POW
    Findagrave [not found]

    S/Sgt Robert A Dilley, 37534270 (TG) (Missouri) POWRTD/EUS. NARA enlistment record missing. POW
    Findagrave [not found]

    42-97164 crash site photo from Jaap's earlier link
    42-97164 crash site Riedener Mtn.; Archiv H.-J ctter.jpg
    The wreck of the US bomber 42-97164? crashed in January 1945 lay on the Riedener mountain for about five years. Soon there will be a memorial to the victims.
    Photo: Archive H.-J. cutter
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    Scott this is the location. Further info will follow. ( Crazy times now just for the holiday season )


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    Thank you, Jaap.
    The B-17G, 42-97164 crash site according to your map is 50°24'13.15"N, 7° 9'15.93"E

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    Scott Iam not sure about '' Fliegermorde '' on some crewmembers. I think both German researchers doing a great job
    to installate an Memorial for this crew. When they had the knowledge that some villagers of Weibern killed some
    American flyers, they never remembered these flyers with an monument. Maybe Susanne knows more, but in the
    War trials of Dachau 1947 I can't find eny information about Weibern.

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    I am not sure of "Fliegermorde - aviator murders" either, however some crew members of 42-97164 "Rebel Queen" believe this a possibility. From the MACR 11987 there appear to be two German reports involved; KU-3643 (which seems to be for the aircraft crash, page attached) and KU-1239A (which appears to be for the captured crew) From the crew postwar statements "everyone" bailed out safely reaching the ground. According to this German "memorial article" 2nd Lt Elmer W Felgenhauer (CP) chute got fouled leaving the plane causing his death, likewise for 2nd Lt Merritt D Turner (B) was killed by chute malfunction or similar cause. Again the postwar crew statements do not agree with this assessment of how these airmen may have lost their lives. Have you ever seen a German KU-Report state "crew member killed attempting to evade"? I have not.

    I guess we may never know all the "truths" in some of these cases which are now growing so old. According to the pilot 1st Lt Wallace F Boyes, Jr. he "chute landed" about 3 km from Kempenich about 2.5 km NW of Weibern (obviously there is an unknown directional overlap here, where this could all be one area), where after hiding for a period he "Boyes" heard shots fired (he assumed this "might" be the death of Felgenhauer and Turner; who were never heard from or seen again) but again where is the evidence and truth? Maybe in these two IDPF's of these airman, maybe not.

    Susanne might be able to help but it appears she has modern day Nazis harassing her for her studies of Nazi war crimes during WW II. The worldwide rise of nationalism (including in the US) is troubling but Nazis in Germany "again", seemed impossible and forbidden but it seems all rules and laws a meant to be broken.

    The 42-97164 "Rebel Queen" overview map gets a little confusing when the target Cologne is added, and with the bail out reference citing by Lt Furth to Koblenz/Coblenz. The added map of Kempenich to Weibern is likely useless as they are so close together, however somewhere near here is where Lt Boyes heard the shots fired. The battle front map attached for 01 Feb 1945 clearly showing the Allied advance had not penetrated this far east. What then, were the Germans shooting at on 28 January 1945 heard by Lt Boyes?

    Nice Memorial to the 42-97164 "Rebel Queen" crew. I still remain skeptical to the actual cause of death for both lieutenants Felgenhauer and Turner. I do hope I am wrong, and they were not murdered by Nazi civilians or troops!
    42-97164 crew memorial.jpg

    Maybe we are all getting a little tiered of hunting Nazis and their war crimes; I certainly am. When the world forgets history it is destined to repeat itself. Hopefully this is not another small example of truth being misplaced near Weibern, Germany 28 January 1945.

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