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Question about Stripes Devices

Discussion in 'Uniforms, Medals, and More' started by Mike, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Hi All,

    Thanks for reading. I have a question (hopefully not stupid) about the stripe color for Army Air Force and Army. I assume that AAF color for the is an per say Olive and Army is Yellow?? My dad was a Cpl. in the AFF and trying to do a shadow box in his Honor. Also he was in 2 campaigns Luzon Philippines and New Guinea. I have the ribbons that the Seperation papers have for him but I was told there might be Devices that go with that as well along with some New York State Military Awards. If anyone has a clue about that, Please feel free to contact me . Thanks and a BIG THANK YOU for your Service..

    Mike USAF (1980-84)
  2. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member


    Can you give us the names of the awards he received per his discharge papers? Should be in box 33. There are sources for color pictures and descriptions of the various awards and related devices.
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  3. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Okay here are the Awards:

    American Service Medal
    Asiatic-Pacific Medal
    Good Conduct Medal
    Philippines Liberation Ribbon
    World War II Victory Medal

    Line 31:
    03 Rifle MKM 152

    Line 32:
    Luzon, New Guinea ( GO WD 45 amended) What is this???
    Line 39 (I think)
    Date of Arivial
    SWPTO 20 FEB 44
    USA 14 NOV 45

    This was his job Airplane and Engine Mechanic 747

    Hope I answered everything plus gave you some more info about time spent

    BTW I do have the ribbons already just don't know about the Devices if any apply

  4. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    Yes, realize you are only asking about devices.
    So far I have found there was no additional device for the Good Conduct medal or the WW II Victory medal.
    The Asiatic-Pacific medal might have a device as noted here: A bronze arrowhead is worn on the ribbon to indicate participation in a combat parachute jump, combat glider landing, or amphibious assault landing within the Asiatic-Pacific Theater.
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  5. mcoffee

    mcoffee Member

    General Order 45 from the War Department - defined the qualifications for the campaign awards
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  6. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Okay Thanks for all your help. I don't know alot about this stuff but trying to learn.I had thought that the Bronze Star Device represents like the second year and so on in the same Campaign??
  7. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Thank you !!!

  8. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Lines 32 & 33 are important in this instance (example from a different theater attached). The Asiatic-Pacific Medal is for service in that theater. It Appears your dad served in two Campaigns Luzon, P.I. and New Guinea. one bronze battle star for each so his ribbon would look like this:
    Asiatic-Pacific 2 bronze stars.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  9. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Thanks so much for the help . This project hasn't been fun as I expected due to the fact that my last name isn't the same as my fathers. and his name isn't on my birth certificate. The only think I do have is his original Seperation Papers and a Death Certificate Alot of hoops I have to jump to try to get any Military info for him. Went to the VA to talk to Benefits about my situation and well I hate to say they weren't that much help at all. I had wish my old Congressman was still in office as he was a Retired Army Col. and had an office in my same town and had helped me when I had issues with the VA. Well I will have to keep plugging . Again Thanks to everyone who helped me out!!!!

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  10. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    Good catch Scott, I missed that.

    A bronze star is worn on the ribbon to indicate participation in designated campaigns. The designated campaigns for the Asiatic-Pacific Theater and inscriptions used on the Army Flag streamer set are:

    • Philippine Island 7 Dec 41 - 10 May 42
    • Burma, 1942 7 Dec 41 - 26 May 42
    • Central Pacific 7 Dec 41 - 6 Dec 43
    • East Indies 1 Jan 42 - 22 Jul 42
    • India-Burma 2 Apr 42 - 28 Jan 45
    • Air Offensive, Japan 17 Apr 42 - 2 Sep 45
    • Aleutian Islands 3 Jun 42 - 24 Aug 43
    • China Defensive 4 Jul 42 - 4 May 45
    • Papua 23 Jul 42 - 23 Jan 43
    • Guadalcanal 7 Aug 42 - 21 Feb 43
    • New Guinea 24 Jan 43 - 31 Dec 44
    • Northern Solomons 22 Feb 43 - 21 Nov 44
    • Eastern Mandates 7 Dec 43 - 14 Jun 44
    • Bismarck Archipelago 15 Dec 43 - 27 Nov 44
    • Western Pacific 17 Apr 44 - 2 Sep 45
    • Lyete 17 Oct 44 - 1 Jul 45
    • Luzon 15 Dec 44 - 4 Jul 45
    • Central Burma 29 Jan 45 - 15 Jul 45
    • Southern Philippines 27 Feb 45 - 4 Jul 45
    • Ryukyus 26 Mar 45 - 2 Jul 45
    • China Offensive 5 May 45 - 2 Sep 45
    • * Antisubmarine 7 Dec 41 - 2 Sep 45
    • * Ground Combat: 7 Dec 41 - 2 Sep 45
    • * Air Combat: 7 Dec 41 - 2 Sep 45

    http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/C...4&grp=4&menu=Decorations and Medals&ps=24&p=0
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  11. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Thank You again!!!

  12. pathfinder504

    pathfinder504 Active Member

    "about the stripe color for Army Air Force and Army. I assume that AAF color for the is an per say Olive and Army is Yellow?? My dad was a Cpl. in the AFF..."

    NEVER YELLOW !!! Enlisted stripes featuring yellow chevrons did not appear until the 60s.

    Wool stitched on wool was usually OD on Blue. Cotton was usually light olive on khaki. woven/cotton silver-ish on Blue.

    There were basically three types of material used for sleeve insignia and that depended on the garment--ie how is was laundered.

    Wool on wool would be used on Wool service jackets and shirts.
    Embroidered/woven cotton could also be worn on the wool garments.
    Cotton/woven usually khaki were worn on clothing that would be washed in water....
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  13. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

  14. pathfinder504

    pathfinder504 Active Member

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