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    Many of the crew photos , in front of their plane, have info printed on the bottom of the photo. Did the BG take photos of each crew or were they made by individuals? I have a photo of one of my dads crew but not the crew who went down with him over France. If the air force took photos of each crew, I may have a chance to get one of that crew. Does anyone have info on this?
    You were all so helpful when I posted before , and I thank you.
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    If the printed info is on the photo image itself it was an " official " one taken and processed by an AAF photographer and photo lab. Individuals taking photos would normally write anything on the print white margins or on the back.
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    I have a photo of one of my dads crew but not the crew who went down with him

    "Official" photos have writing within the image itself, photos taken with personal cameras might have something written on the back or within the border, as Shaef mentioned. Your question regarding a photo of the crew your father was with at the time they went down is a different question. The official crew photos were usually taken at the end of training in the US or on arrival at their base overseas. But crews frequently went through changes during the course of their missions. Crew members sometimes flew missions with other crews as 'fill-ins' if a crew was short handed. Crew men were injured, ill, or for any number of reasons were replaced. New photos were not taken every time a member of a crew was replaced.

    Attached are two examples of 'official' photos, two different crews taken in front of the same B-17. Notice the white lettering at the bottom of the images.

    SLEEPY TIME GAL 2b.jpg

    SLEEPY TIME GAL 3b.jpg
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    There is one other source -- all combat crews WERE photographed after they completed training -- I want to say starting early 1944 because I have not done any research (yet) on earlier aircraft.

    Depending on the station (Dyersburg and Sioux City come to mind) many of these combat crews were identified with the crew training number.

    42-102847 (2).jpg 42-102847.jpg
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    Post the photo -- let's take a look

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    Thank you for your help and comments. The photo I have , has the group#, date and crew # as the one posted here. It is posted in my other thread here. I didn't realize they were not made at the airfields where they were stationed , so that clears that up for me. Thanks so much.
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    Is this the photo you are referring to, or did you have a different one in mind. This photo was taken at Kimbolton, England, AAF Station 117.

    Jamerson Flight Crew.jpg

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    I've found 3 photos of my uncle in various places. One has the correct names, (training crew at McDill), and 2 have incorrect information. These were crews he flew with while at Rattlesden.

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    Yes, Scott that is the photo I received from your files. It is the same one I had posted on the other thread but it was slightly different ; like the first one posted here with the writing in white, and it had the crew mechanics in the front row.
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    The vast majority of crew pictures that I have found appear to have been taken at bases overseas, maybe 80% or more. Where do you think the pictures taken at stateside training bases are stashed? At College Park maybe? Or have I just not been looking in the right places?
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    Here is an out of focus copy of the Jamerson air & ground crew photo with the labeling described by Pam found on pinterest So in these other images it was cropped off - hunting the original on fold3 now. Edit: No joy, image not found.

    pinterest out of focus 42-29893 El Diablo Flight&Ground crews.jpg
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    Thanks Scott, this image with the lettering below is one I have in my photos and I posted it to Pinterest. It is out of focus because I just took a photo of the photo I had and it didn't turn out very well. I need to post the good ones you fixed for me and put them on Pinterest in place of this one.
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    The photo labeling is historically important for image provenance. Might I suggest you take another photo of the original photo with better focus. Flat bed scanning would of course be preferred but it is understood this option is not available to you.
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