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  1. Mutley

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    I have been meaning to post a request to see if anybody has copies of the Propaganda Leaflets that had been dropped by the B-26 Marauders over Europe.

    Somewhere I do have copies of some that I have found in my research, but I have misplaced them currently.

    Any help welcome

  2. Lucky Partners

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    Found this in a book of my father's years ago. Have no clue as to what it says but from the kind of thin paper I always assumed it was a leaflet of the sort you are seeking. Not from a B-26 though.

    SIDE 1.jpg SIDE 2.jpg
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  3. BMBazooka

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    If they trew out the "Nachrichten für die Truppe", which was Black Propaganda and Psychological Warfare I can give you some digitalized (Hand Scanner) copies.
  4. Darin Scorza

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  5. Airwar

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    The British Royal Air Force dropping the '' Vliegende Hollander'' ( Flying Dutchmen ) above occupied Holland.

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  6. billrunnels

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  7. Mutley

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    Oh, the power of the internet! and where you can find things when you ask the right questions!!

    I am only after about 20(ish!?) different leaflets that I know WERE dropped by B-26 Marauders during WW2. Now I can find, 2 to the x!?, amount from the last Century!!

    Thank guys. you're WAY to good!!

    Now I just have to find my list of the few specific one's that I DO want.

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