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    How do I post an image on the forum?
    Thank you.
  2. Lucky Partners

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    Lower right corner of the space where you type your message is a button, "upload a file". Hit that button, opens a new window, then select the photo you wish to upload from your computer. .jpg file, 1 mb max size, although someplace it says 2.5 mb max size, 1 mb is more than enough, I usually use about 400kb. May need to crop or resize your original photo to make it fit the way you want. Then select if you want it to appear as a thumbnail or a full size image.

    If you are editing an existing post to add a photo the proceedire is slightly different but basically the same. There you start with the blue edit button then use the "more options" button.
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  3. Lucky Partners

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    If you use the full size image I am pretty sure the picture will insert at the place where you have your cursor. Experiment, you can always remove it if it does not apear in the location you wish.


    Let's try:

    Mimosa Fred.jpg
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    Just for the record "once-upon-a-time - (OUAT)" like a fairy tale this forum had a whole series of tutorials about image postings including, allowable types and sizes in posts vs photo gallery before AAF forum terminal melt down in mid 2015. OUAT in a post the allowable limit was 2.5 MB that could be used all in one image, or many images not to exceed 2.5 MB in total.

    This no longer appears to be true/correct the limit now appears to be below the threshold of 1 MG. However and unfortunately the management here has failed to supply the new parameters after the reboot of this forum variant in October 2015. Just more that was lost from the old forum which has never been replace in this newest rendering of this AAF forum. Beyond the irreplaceable data, documents, images, etc in thousands of threads and posts spanning more than a decade...

    C'est la vie! When the old forum crashed it was akin to an AAF veteran folding his wings with every bit of his knowledge, wisdom and experience going to the grave with him, nary a question asked, answered or remembered of his service.
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    There is still the wayback machine that lets one, that is technically sufficient in the computer sciences, to rediscover that which is lost in the great crash of 2015.

    So while the old forum is hidden, those of us still can dig deep into the veins of armyairforceforum - much like recovering a wreck

    Cheers mate....
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    I have been successful recovering some old forum material utilizing the Internet Archive. However I find this is a most limited resource where if a page or thread was not physically saved at an earlier point in time to the archive it is simply gone. You of course may have the secret sauce and are able to recover everything lost in the old forum via the Internet Archive, perhaps you can sell this as an addendum with your next book edition.

    Short of that revelation these records reportedly still exist “Somewhere” on a Scott Burris server. Almost enough time has pasted where the amount of data lost or held in this reserve is a myth. For new members there is simply no full explanation of what is missing and lost to most of us.

    Cheers mate.
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    Ahh, the Internet Archives. Not everything is there but some bits can be recovered, such as this one, the famous "Flying Tiger" photo story. (Note you can't get to page 2, but most of the story is on page 1).


    Note: if clicking a link in the "archive" page does not work, sometime just copy/paste the link to a new tab and try that (if the original site still exists). E.G. the blog link in post #13 can be copy/pasted as the blog still exits with the "original" photo mentioned in Post #1 down toward the bottom of the page.
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  9. Scott Burris

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  10. Lucky Partners

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    Scott B,

    Not sure how that link helps with the initial question posed in this thread. I think the answer he was looking for is probably more like what you wrote a few years ago although the parameters have since changed. Hope the link to the Wayback Machine works, be patient takes several seconds to load.

    In case the link doesn't work I've made a PDF of the page.

    As long as we're at it here is another useful page that may or may not still be valid.

    Remember the good old days .....
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    Scott Burris,
    I hope you are not offended by our aiding you with what forum help once looked like in the old forum. Very important for new members and why you devoted much effort to this in the past.

    The pages Hal "Lucky Partners" has posted above are from an older version of the forum. After your 2014 forum upgrade to better platform "Forum Help" got bigger and even better. Here are pages from the Internet Archive this topic:
    Forum Help page 1 of 3 these posts and page links remain "live links" so what follows is redundant but maybe helpful.
    Uploading Images or Files to a Post very similar to what Hal posted from the earlier forum so some things remained nearly the same.
    File Types and Sizes for Posts, Gallery, & Avatar major change here in generosity of image posting sizes: There is now a cumulative cap of 2.5mb for file uploads. This means you can upload one 2.5mb file or any combination of file sizes up to 2.5mb in five attachments per post; PDF attached.

    This type of "Help" is what the original poster of this thread was seeking, and what I meant in my post #5 above referring to a "whole series of tutorials". Perhaps nothing as extravagant is needed these days but new members and some old ones alike need some guidance about what the current procedures are and specifically on the topic of File Types and Sizes for Posts, Gallery, & Avatar.

    Please advise if this is in any way not clear. Thank you.

    Scott M

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  12. Scott Burris

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    Different forum software. Not sure what the limits are currently. Should list it when you u/l or attempt attachment.
  13. 25Kingman49

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    Yes obviously on the new software, thank you. No at upload (u/l) it does not inform you other than you have exceeded the limit with an Error message; try again but it doesn't say that. So it is rather a guessing game, the limit appears to be under 1 MB total. As the Army Air Forces Forum Owner and Administrator we the members were hoping you would enlighten us with more specific detail on this topic.

    Edit: Attached is the error message received when I attempted to upload a 1.03 MB jpg file to this post. To be obvious there is no detail here on what is wrong except the file is too large.

    Thank you,
    Scott M

    1.03 MB upload attempt error message.jpg
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  14. Scott Burris

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    The max attachment size is now 2048kb, or 2mb.
  15. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the increased size limit.
    Scott M

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