Possible Fake Photo ?

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    Alex the proportions are all wrong especially the depth of the fuselage; this is a B-17E ( USAF photo) almost the same angle. The 163 looks like from a gun camera film and the plane could be a model ( remember those old Cockburn-Lange photos from 1932 of WW1 air combat but using models ?). This photo is most likely fake too as 41-2557 never left the States.
    Nick b17f.jpg
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    As posted on 12O'Clock high:

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    Had you considered that the photo of 41-2557 might be in the states? Looks a lot like the northern California/Oregon coast.
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    Hi David--------as noted above she didn't leave the US , presumably for training so could well be the west coast. The "trees " have been added to the photo as there are other copies with just the plane and sea. Maybe they wanted it to look like the S. Pacific combat zone; the "W" is a mystery though.
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