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Pistol accident

Discussion in '458th BG - Horsham St. Faiths' started by Airwar, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Sgt. Deciderio Sanchez was KIA with discharging his pistol ia a barrack.
    Buried Cambridge Cemetery Plot M-10-11 before final reinterment in Santa Fe National Cemetert,New Mexico.
    458 BG / 755 BS, 15 August 1944
    Darin knows probably more.

  2. Darin Scorza

    Darin Scorza New Member


    Sgt Deciderio Sanchez 18035135 (MOS 611) was assigned to the 458BG 755BS as an individual replacement on August 10, 1944 - four days before he, "was killed a a result of an accidental pistol discharge in the combat crew quarters." I have the IDPF for Sgt Sanchez, but it gives no details of the incident. Date of death is actually August 14, 1944. It only states that cause of death was, "gunshot wound of chest". On August 15th Capt Ralph M. Herbert was assigned to investigate this incident, "...and will report whether death was or was not result of deceased's own misconduct." Unfortunately that report appears to be lost to history.

    I have been searching for family and a photograph of him for quite some time now with no luck.
  3. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Thanks Darin for this additional information. I saw his name on Find a Grave.
    I found a lot of men,when I go to the Highschools and Universities of them.
    He was of Santa Fe NM, so I start there. Will be continue,


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