Photographs Captn George Richard Shaeffer

Discussion in '10th PRG' started by Uwe Benkel, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Uwe Benkel

    Uwe Benkel New Member

    Here are the first photographs found 72 years after his death in Germany

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  2. RSwank

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    Uwe, I sent you a PM (conversation) regarding a way to possibly contact relatives yesterday. Did you get it? If not, I will send it to your email address.
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  3. Uwe Benkel

    Uwe Benkel New Member

    Contact to the Family of George Richard Shaeffer is made. I am in contact with one of his nieces.
    Thanks to all the People who helped locating them.

    Best wishes from Heltersberg/Germany

    Uwe Benkel
    Crash Site Investigation (C.S.I. Germany)
    Arbeitsgruppe Vermisstenforschung

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