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    I am looking for PROOF pictures of any Personnel, Aircraft or other information related to the 394th BG.

    Many people over the years have miss associated, specifically aircraft, of these two group's as they both flew aircraft with a diagonal tail rudder stripe.

    There is aircraft that DID fly with BOTH group's, or carried similar names!!; Specifically 42-96169, 6B*H, (unnamed) of the 599th BS, which had formerly been U2*S, Hi-Ho-Silver, of the 598th BS; with both squadrons part of the 397th BG; but this aircraft was involved in a mid air collision, when it tore off the rudder of 42-96168, 6B*P, "Lassie Come Home", on the 3rd August 1944, with the loss of all of '168's' crew! After repair '169' flew with the 584th BS, 394th BG as K5*G.

    Conversely 42-96051, 5W*C, "Hannibal", of 587th BS, 394th BG, had crashed at A-72 - Peronne, France on the 11th January 1944, and returned to service with the 598th BS, 397th BG; as U2*G (possibly later U2*W(!?)) whilst still carrying the name "Hannibal".

    The 397th had an aircraft called "Dina", which was later changed to "Dinah"; and may have been called "Dinah Mite" (or "Dinah Might"(!?)) later. This was 42-96114, 9F*D, of the 597th BS: and the 394th had "Dinah Might", 42-96072, K5*C of the 584th BS. I am hopeful that any pictures of aircraft that DO show a diagonal tail stripe, or other specific unit codes, can now be identified as to their proper unit, but need further pictures and information to help this process.

    I also want to be able to put PROVED names and faces to the approximately 4,000 personnel that went through the 397th BG, including about 1,400 that were mainly just 'transiting' after wars end; and about 2,800 that were associated with the 394th BG.

    I will plan on posting some unproven 394th BG faces in about a month, possibly from the 587th BS!?, if time allows!

    BOTH group's can now also be shown as having used the A-26 Invader aircraft, after combat ceased, but that is just another can of worms, for another day!!


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