P-51 Mustang by Curly Duvall

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    This photo was found in a photo album with photos taken in 1943. I would be interested in any additional information.
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    Unfortunately there are no markings on the aircraft to give a clue as to the Group or Squadron it may have been assigned to. I am not familliar with the artist and have not found anything on the internet about him. Can you give us any additional information? Who's photo album contained the photo? What other photos are in the album that might give us some clues? How did you attach the first name of Curly to the artist, I can't see anything there that looks like Curly? Do you know the artist from other work?
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  3. ke4itp

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    Good questions; they prompted me to take a closer look at the album. The album is from my wife's parents. Her father flew A-36s with the 526th Squadron of the 86th Group. The first name of Curly was from a handwritten title on the page with the photo. A similar title on another page indicates Squadron 383 at Waycross, GA. I have attached another photo that shows Duvall second from the left.

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    A Lt Duvall is mentioned on page 45 (see handwritten page numbers) on this link for the 86th FG.


    His name does appear on at least one other page, but the pdf file is unfortunately not computer searchable. Apparently it mentions he had completed is 80th mission. I'll see if I can find the exact page. (You can sometimes get Google to search the cached pages).

    Was his name William H Duvall? See page 74 where he earns his 6th OLC.
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    Attached is some information about the 86th Fighter Group and also the 383rd Fighter Squadron. Page 2 indicates they were at Hunter Field but says nothing about Waycross Georgia so there is more to this mystery.

    Click on the thumbnails to read.

    The 86th FG Association web site looks inactive at this point. Happening to a lot of these web sites as their membership dwindles with the passage of time. Under the tab "86 FBG Association" they have posted 6 years worth of their newsletters in PDF form. You might find something interesting there. Personally I would be inclined to download those newsletters as you never know if or when the site may go down.

    Also note that their "Campaigns/Stations" tab shows they were at Hunter Field in Georgia for about 6 weeks in 1942.



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  6. ke4itp

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    I think the artist was Thurman O. DuVall.
  7. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    This might be the Thurman O. DuVall you are looking for. Says he was a P-51 pilot. All indications are that he was an artist.

    Thurman O. DuVall of Hogansville and formerly of Atlanta, died Thursday, December 6, 2007. Along with his late wife, Carolyn Moore DuVall, he owned Studio III in Atlanta for 30 years. He served as a P51 pilot in the Army Air Corps during World War II, attended Georgia Tech, the Art Center in Los Angeles and graduated from Pratt Institute in New York. A member of Union Baptist Church, he was a former president of the Art Directors Club in Atlanta and taught art classes in his home after retiring to Hogansville. Survivors include daughter, Charlene Brown, Dunwoody; sons, Thurman DuVall, Jr. and Scott DuVall, Destin, FL; and Kirk DuVall, Hogansville; sister-in-law, Ruth Peterson, Smyrna; grandchildren, Blair Chan, Julie Hiland, Craig DuVall, Thomas DuVall; David DuVall Aaron DuVall, Canaan DuVall and Seth DuVall; and 3 great-grandchildren, He was preceded in death by a son, Craig Fred DuVall and grandson, Kevin DuVall. Funeral Services will be 4:00 PM, Sunday, at Union Baptist Church in the St. Marks Community near Hogansville, with interment in the church cemetery. Visitation will be 6-8:00 PM, Saturday, at McKibben Funeral Home, Hogansville.

    Published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Dec. 8, 2007


    Here too:


    This looks like it may have been his business, note contact person is Carolyn DuVall who also appears to be deceased. It's been a long time but business may still be active. May be worth a phone call to try to get further information about your drawing.


    Just took a closer look at the photo you posted in #3 above. If Duvall is the second from the left the nickname Curley must have been their 'in' joke, doesn't look like he had much hair at all!
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  8. ke4itp

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    Lynn, the handwritten title on the album page says "P51 Mustang Drawn and Photographed by Curly DuVall" and may very well be mistaken.
    Thurman Duvall did fly the A-36A as indicated by this line from Aviation Archaeological:
    430322 A-36A 42-83787 383BS 311BG Alachua AAF, FL LAC 3 Duvall, Thurman O USA FL Alachua AAF, FL
  9. Lucky Partners

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    As stated in the obituary I posted here yesterday DuVall was said to be a P-51 pilot. The reality is that the A-36 was merely a varient of the P-51, not a different aircraft entirely, the main differences being the dive brakes and a few structural changes in the wings. Personally I don't see any problem here. The person who created the album and/or the person who wrote the obituary may have missed the rather fine distinction between the two. If the drawing did not show the dive brakes deployed we wouldn't be having this discussion.
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  10. Airwar

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    Correct Hal he was a 1/Lt in the AAF
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  11. ke4itp

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    Was able to contact son Kirk DuVall who verified Curly and Thurman DuVall are one and the same. My thanks to the members who replied to this posting.
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