P.47 N° 42-28474

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    I research the name pilot for the P.47 serial 42-28474 (No MACR) crash landing near of Dijon(FR) the 26 August 1944 Thank You Jean Paul
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    Bonjour JP, Iam looking for the pilot but found a photo and unit,36th FG/ 23rd FS.


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  3. JP Favrais

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    Hi Jaap Thank you very much for the picture JP
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    Hello Jaap,
    Although I expect that you have this I put it up for info to help(?) Elimination.
    Detail from 8th& 9th Air force losses voel 4.
    28 August 1944
    P47D-26-RA 42-28424
    2Lt Robert M. Day, KIA
    MACR 8489
    This may account for there being no made for 42-28474, perhaps a Clerk somewhere thought he had already dealt with that P47 as the numbers were so similar ?
    But 404 Fg is way different from 36 FG.
    Date and serial number are both close to the info you give.
    Nothing in vol 4 that is close as far as I can see.
    For research it does have the following.
    1 July-30 Sept 44
    MIA = 26
    SAL = 17
    Total = 43

    Good hunting
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