P.47 42-27370 (78th FG)

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  1. JP Favrais

    JP Favrais New Member

    I search some information on P.47 42-27370 78 FG pilot Lt. F.E. Higgibotam perhaps crash landing in France the 3 November 1944 Thank You Jean Paul
  2. Peter Randall

    Peter Randall New Member

    Coded HL-R and crash-landed 2nd November 1944 by Lt. Higginbottom (note spelling) at A-70/Laon-Couvron [Messenger]. Declared Category E and salvaged due to battle damage on 14th November (possibly a generic date).
  3. JP Favrais

    JP Favrais New Member

    Hi Peter
    Thank You very much Glad to hear you JP
  4. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Left Captain Foy E.Higginbottom.

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  5. JP Favrais

    JP Favrais New Member

    Hi Jaap
    Thank You very much for the picture

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