NMR for Sept. 2. 1944. mission

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    Does anybody have Narrative Mission Report for September 2. 1944. mission, strafing roads around Nis, Yugoslavia?

    14fg lost 4 planes that day, 3 pilots were KIA and one evaded.

    I was recently contacted by one researcher who told me of a plane that crashed near city of Cuprija on that day, and that his name was Neal Manuel (name was usually misspelled).

    I have found in MACRs that Neal Maloney was killed that day, and that he was last seen near Nis (55M south of Cuprija), and that one plane crashed near the place where he was last seen
    Later on during mission, another plane crashed very near Jagodina and village mentioned by researcher, but I have found in MACR that it was flown by Alan Mohr.

    I think that there might be misidentification in MACR, and I hope that NMR could help solving it.
    Help appreciated.

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