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    The information you posted above comes from the data area stenciled on the nose of each plane. Frequently this area is partially or totally covered by nose art. A sample is attached.

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    I thank you! Now that you mentioned this, yes, I do recall having seen this.
    Nice to have clarification!
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    Note that the King crew is on the same loading list as I posted above. I have a photo of his ship going down in flames. In Hughes case the ship was not lost so no MACR. Lt Hughes was the only casualty on his ship. See where KIA is marked next to his name. Interesting obit about Parmalee, Fort Myers is only about 30 miles north of me.

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    Went back thru this thread and did not see any reference to the inspiration for Blonde Bomber II---it happens to be the June 1943 centerfold from ESQUIRE.

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