Monument for B-24 41-29118 "Nine Yanks and a jerk" in Perwez

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    Yesterday I visited and photographed the monument of " Nine Yanks and a jerk " erected in my region .
    He was shot the 12 april 1944 by the Leutnant Waldemar Radener of 7/jg 26 .
    The monument was inaugurated the 10 april 2004 by Lt Gilbert Shawn pilot of the " Nine Yanks and a jerk " .
    In this crash Sgt Clabaugh and Cotron were dead .
    Lt Barnett , Sgt Harpin and Sgt Ouellette were POW .
    Lt Shawn , Lt Hermanski , Lt Pritchett , Sgt Bowman and Sgt Augustus evaded with the local help and " Comete" 19073332_241009906386451_1800989416_o.jpg 19048311_241010483053060_1241015123_o.jpg
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    E & E reports:

    Both the MACR and the E &E reports list the pilot as Samuel Gilbert Schleichkorn, not Gilbert Samuel Shawn as is shown above. Apparently a postwar name change. He died Nov 12, 2005.

    Some more information here (you can select English version in the top left corner):

    Samuel G Schleichkorn (Shawn)

    Robert J Pritchet

    Lloyd V Hermanski

    Charles S Bowman

    Robert C Augustus
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    B-24H-1-CF-41-29118, 703BS, 445BG, 8AF; lost 12 April 1944 near Liege Belgium.

    MACR 3829 starts here for those with fold3 access.

    Those who did not evade:

    2nd Lt James E Barnett, O-681303 (CP) (Oregon) Original enlistment 13 March 1942, ASN: 39093028, POW/RTD/EUS Stalag 7A Findagrave

    T/Sgt Frederick C Cotron, Jr., 11101278 (RO) (Connecticut) KIA/Chute failure, enlistment 29 Oct 1942 Findagrave

    S/Sgt Raymond J Ouellette, 31173967 (WG) (New Hampshire), enlistment 24 Aug 1942 POW/RTD/EUS, Stalag Luft 4 Findagrave

    S/Sgt Charles C Harpin, 31281379 (WG) (Connecticut), enlistment 21 Jan 1943 POW/RTD/EUS, Stalag Luft 4 Findagrave

    S/Sgt Martin E Clabaugh, 15329328 (TG) (Ohio), MIA/DED/ may have crashed with ship or other, still MIA. Enlistment 16 Oct 1942 Findagrave

    Some crew member content here

    Edit: Has any one annotated the crew photo post above on BBW? Perhaps Mike Simpson 445BG knows who is who in this crew image, as he is the noted contributor to that BBW page?
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