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mission 62 part of mission 554

Discussion in '486th BG - Sudbury' started by Simone Aarts, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Simone Aarts

    Simone Aarts New Member


    I am looking for just anything about mission 62 on august 15th 1944. This mission belonged to mission 554 and had as primary goal Airport twente in the Netherlands.

    There were 75 b-17 in this mission and 30 of them were from the 486th bomb group. There were also planes and i guess that where 45 but im not sure about it from the 487th bomb group.

    If you have any info, pictures, letters, maps, etc etc etc please contact me.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Simone Aarts

    Simone Aarts New Member

    it is mission 59 in the 487th bomb group btw
  3. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    Not really sure if you are asking about the 486th BG or the 487th BG

    This link is to the formation diagram of teh 486th BG for August 15, 1944

    This link is to the loading list for teh 486th BG for the mission of August 15, 1944

    Couldn't find anything particularly useful on the 487th BG web site regarding this mission but they appear to have an extensive roster of names posted here:
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  4. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Simone in Holland we are having the Air War Study Group ( SGLO )
    With 300 experts I think you will find the person who can help.
    Otherwise you can call me : 06-40473693

    groeten van Jaap Vermeer

  5. Simone Aarts

    Simone Aarts New Member

    Thank you for helping me with these links. The first 2 links were send to me already that is how i landed here as well. The 3rd one i will have to investigate a bit more. I only have the info on the groups since a couple of days so i'm still reading in on both groups. Trying to find facebookgroups etc etc.

    As far as i know both the 486th BG and the 487th BG were involved this day on the Twente Airport bombing. The 486th BG was involved with 30 planes but we know the total planes was 75. That is why I assume the other 45 planes were from the 487th BG since we know this group was involved.
  6. Simone Aarts

    Simone Aarts New Member

    Hi Jaap,

    We really have a studiegroep for this? You do not know how happy you make me with that info. I did add you on my phone. My phonenr is 0617033070

    Do you have WhatsApp or telegram? Perhaps we can talk there about this studiegroep as it sounds really interesting and because i think i can use some help as i am still very new in doing research and all these military terms etc (blush). If you do have WhatsApp or telegram perhaps we can talk saturday evening or Sunday or somewhere next week in the evening.

    my main goal is gather all info on Mission 554 from august 15th 1944 and that is a lot of research when you do not really know the right ways where to search.
  7. terveurn

    terveurn Active Member

  8. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member


    Hal & Dave has great sources. In our SGLO are '' Airfield Twenthe'' experts who can tell you everything about
    this airfield in war-time. In Post 4 is my phone number with whattsapp.


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