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  1. Dnalor

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    Hi All,

    a friend of mine asked me, if I could identify a plane by the number(s) of installed MG-Guns.

    Gernerally it works via Fold 3, but I have no matching with this number, shown on a USAAF-MG-gun:
    SB 2502 or SB 2562. (B17!)

    Do you have any explanations for this case?

    I hope to receive a foto of the number very soon.

    Many thx for yr replies.
  2. Dnalor

    Dnalor Member

    Sorry, i did not see the number before. Of course this is not a MG- Serial number!.

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  3. terveurn

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    The best way to identify an aircraft is to start with what is known -- say you have 4-6 wrecks in a general location, you pull-up the individual MACR's and cross reference with the serial numbers listed.

    As far as I know, there is no master list (yet) that cross references .50 with an airframe.

    Agree the photo does not show a serial number, this is a forging number. Not even sure this is part of a .50 cal

  4. Dnalor

    Dnalor Member

    Thx terveurn for advice.
    Actually it would be advantageous to have such a list.
    Sometimes MG numbers put on Fold 3 lead to the re MACRs.
  5. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Hello dnalor,
    You seem to suggest it comes from a B17 ?
    Also it would help if a locality was known as it would perhaps highlight a particular aircraft lost in that area.
  6. Alex Smart

    Alex Smart Active Member

    Just a though, could it be an engine part ?
    I note from some macr's that some engine numbers begin with SW- followed by numbers.
    So were there also engine numbers that started with SB- followed by numbers ?
    If so perhaps that is a route to follow.

    W for Wichita, B for Beoing

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