Memorial Day Holland,May 4th 2017

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    At the small village Wezep was this memorial for 1/Lt.Charles O'Brien, who crashed
    on February 26th 1945 near this village.

    Yesterday I bring a salute to my ''Boys'' at Rusthof British Cemetery at Amersfoort.
    And I bring flowers to a monument I elected in 2010 for the DH Mosquito crew
    of S/Ldr.Ernest William Kinchin and F/Lt. Douglas Sellors who crashed April 21st 1944
    at the Deuverdenseweg in Nijkerk.

    They are not forgotten,They lived for evermore.

    Jaap Vermeer - Member of the Dutch Empire
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    Possible Fliegermorde (Aviator murder) F/O Charles R O'Brien, Jr., ASN: T-125493 (Missouri) POW/KIA-reported escape attempt. MACR 12761 (not available on fold3, this page notes O'Brien\-11627), flying P-51K-5-NT-44-11627, 83rd Squadron, 78th FG, 8AF, lost 26 February 1945.
    Minor loss record

    Findagrave Memorial

    Loss narrative:
    That day the P-51s of 78th FG were giving support to the bombers on their withdrawal from Berlin when, in the vicinity of Hannover, F/O Charles R O’Brien, Jr. of the 83rd FS rocked his wings. His element leader and squadron mate, 1st Lt Leonard Stanley Olson, attempted to contact him on the radio but failed to establish communication. F/O O’Brien aircraft apparently had an electrical failure. Olson called his squadron leader, Capt Harold Barnaby, and said he thought O’Brien wanted to go home. Barnaby told him to give him escort. The two P-51s peeled off and headed on a course of 250 degrees, at around 1350 hrs. No further transmissions were heard from them and they did not return to England.

    What happened was that O’Brien finally force-landed his failing P-51K 44-11627 "Green Eyes" at Oldebroek, near Zwolle, Netherlands, at 1455 hrs (local time). Olson tried to land and pick him up but was shot down minutes later. His P-51K 44-11655 "Poop Shooter II" crashed 2 km south of Oldebroek and Olson was wounded. Both pilots were captured but O’Brien was shot and killed later the same day trying to escape.

    A Dutch boy helped one of these two pilots and picked up the parachute, that the Germans found while searching the area. The boy was interrogated but his father, Gerrit Blaauw, a member of the Dutch resistance, requested the Germans to release his son and take him instead. The Germans agreed and brought him to the prison of Deventer. It was hoped he would soon be liberated, but sadly he was among the men shot on 8 March 1945 as a reprisal for an ambush against the car of the SS general Hanns Albin Rauter the night before.

    MACR 12762 (available online at
    "Osprey Aircraft of the Aces 115: Aces of the 78th Fighter Group", by Thomas Cleaver. ISBN 978-1-78096-715-8


    2nd Lt Charles R Obrien, Jr..jpg

    Crash site of F.O. O'Brien.jpg

    Wezep, O'Brien Memorial location
    Wezep, O'Brien Memorial location.jpg
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    Perfect Scott,somethimes I think you having Dutch roots ;)

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    Charles O'Brien crashed corner Oude Keizersweg - Puttensteinsveldweg.
    Dick Breedijk a good friend,wrote a book about the crashes in this vicinity.
    Olson flew in the ''Poop Shooter II''.


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