Martin B-26 Marauder videos

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    Early 1941 production

    How to fly them

    Tight quarters

    Combat ETO

    Flak-Bait the memory lives on

    Discovery Channel Wings - B-26 Marauder (ancestry), 55 minute (make some popcorn)
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    Thanks Scott, nice videos.

    Notice anything funny in the two pictures of Flak Bait? Guy in the nose smoking a cigarette in both shots but different pilots in the cockpit! Photoshop anybody?
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  3. 25Kingman49

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    Thanks Hal! No I missed the Photoshop pilot & Co-pilot. All fixed now with the proper crew image.
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    OK, I'm keepin' my eyes on you!
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  5. Mutley

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    There is lots of very interesting B-26 Marauder films out there, it's sometimes just finding them and then having the time to view them!

    I watched the two short films here and have to say I was rather disappointed with the B26 Bomber Flak Bait film. There didn't appear to be anything of the actual B-26 Marauder "Flak Bait" flying, just some rather poor commentary, but with the actual Flak Bait as the backdrop! This is of course currently under restoration at the Mary Baker Engen Hanger, at the Stephen F. Udvar-Hazy Center, at Chantilly, VA. This is on the edge of the Washington Dulles Airport, for those that are interested and don't already know where it is.

    The second film, "Combat ETO", was much more interesting. The formation is of the 323rd BG, distinguished by it's White Horizontal Tail Stripe. One clip shows the date when it was taken, 3rd April 1945, and I have now found out who took it! Capt P. W. Browning of the 4th CCU was flying in Aircraft 44-68155, coded VT*K from the 453rd BS, along with another (Stills!?) photographer S/Sgt D. D. Pepmiller.

    The target that day was the Holzminden Marshalling Yards, Map Reference C-185595, Germany. 35 aircraft were dispatched, including 2 Pathfinder Squadron aircraft. Of these, 32 aircraft dropped 119 x 1,000 and 8 x 500 GP bombs, with one hung up bomb being dropped at Map Ref P-490670, in friendly territory! 3 aircraft carried Window only.

    The man seen spiraling down at one point is almost certainly from aircraft 43-34452, WT*A, of the 456th BS, which was flying as a Window ship. It was last seen at Map Ref C-170640 and is covered by MACR 14156. The Mission Summary shows 6 crew, but the MACR lists 7, with 5 listed KIA and 2 MIA. It is possible then that the man shown is one of the later; F/O J. M. Mabry or more likely S/Sgt R. J. Zanella, but that is purely speculation currently.

    I'll try to do some further research and post again in the, near!?, future!

    One of the films lead me to a reunion of Barney Wasowicz a former B-26 pilot and the B-26 at Kermit Weeks - Fantasy of Flight, the last B-26 ever to have flown. Barney and his crew bailed out and were all captured on the 23rd January 1944, with their B-26 crashing into the North Sea, after being attacked by an FW190. The aircraft was 41-31618, YA*V, "Exterminator", of the 555th BS, 386th BG. MACR 2077 covers this loss. Barney mentions flying 18 missions, but I currently only have 17 showing in my data, so now I will have to see if I have a file missing! Mooore research!!

    For the under informed out there. Please don't get the Martin B-26 Marauder mixed up with the A-26, which was later reclassified as B-26. That's just an "Invader". A good plane in it's own way, but not on the B-26 Marauder in WW2! At least in MHO

  6. Mutley

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    Oh. I forgot to ask. Where and in what video, is, or was, the pilot 'Photoshoped'?

    The still picture with the man and cigar is actually aircraft 41-34913, RJ*R, "Flounder Gus", of the 454th BS, 323rd BG.
  7. Lucky Partners

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    Kermit likes to say that he was the last person to ever have LANDED a B-26, probably in deference to the sad fate of the CAF's Carolyn in 1995.

    Scott fixed the Photoshoped picture after I pointed it out to him.
  8. Mutley

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    A correction to my post above.
    The aircraft IS NOT "Flounder Gus", as I have previously believed, but can be confirmed, without any doubt, to be "Fightin Cock"; ER*X, later ER*N!; 41-31765; which crash landed on 12th August 1944.

    Sorry, I am only human, and subject to error, but more than willing and able to take corrective action, if proved wrong!!


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