Maj. James C. Ray, 447BG, RIP

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    Major James C. Ray, Pilot with the 447th BG 709th SQ in 1944 died in Naples, Fl on April 1, 2017. Ray led a full life, stayed involved with aviation throughout. He had been featured in a newspaper story here about 10 years ago in connection with the Collings Foundation '909'. Obituary is way too long to post here, if interested see this link:
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    Rest In Peace James
    James C. Ray.jpg
    Photo courtesy Naples Daily News
    Photo courtesy 447BG Association
    Ray crew, 709th, Rattlesden, undated: Assigned 27 May 1944

    Standing, L-R
    : Sgt James Hosek, Lt Dustin Slade, Lt James C. Ray, Lt Frank Schmandle, Lt Ralph M. Pederson, Sgt Donald Lewis
    Kneeling, L-R: S/Sgt Bobby Hicks, Sgt Donald L. Smith, (3 unidentified ground crew), Sgt Roscoe S. Johnson, Sgt Jerry Lashin

    Source Crew Gallery 9.htm
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