Maj. Chester Arthur Slingerland, O-660842, CO 393FS, 367FG, KIA 23 March 1945

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    Maj. Chester Arthur Slingerland, O-660842, CO 393FS, 367FG, Born 4 February 1916 KIA 23 March 1945

    Early on the morning of 23 March 1945 Maj Slingerland departed the 367FG (ALG) (A-94) Conflans-Jarny, France located at 49°09'06.0"N 5°55'54.0"E flying P-47D-30-RA-44-33570, leading two flights of the 393 Squadron on an armed reconnaissance, ground support mission to Grieshheim, Germany about 17 miles southwest of Frankfort supporting the allied ground advance after crossing the Rhine River. At 0750 Maj Slingerland was hit by AAA at a rather low altitude of 3000 ft. rolled over and crashed into the ground. Described by one of his flight leaders, Capt Ben Hardaway as follows:
    [1] MACR_14044_Page_4_44-33570_Capt Hardaway statement of loss.jpg

    Some pertinent data records and sites:
    5 page MACR 14044 for those with fold3 access.

    Fields of Honor Memorial http://www.fieldsofhonor-database.c...raine-s/83383-slingerland-chester-lor-k-29-18

    Illinois at War Memorial



    Danny Keay; Thunderbolt 44-33570 excavation 2003


    Netherlands data site

    Original Aviation Cadet enlistment 01 November 1941 entering service at Fort Hayes Columbus, Ohio, ASN: 15070991,

    Maj Slingerland is noted here regarding an engagement in which his squadron participated 19 March 45, a few days before he was killed.

    Draft card
    [2] Chester A Slingerland_Page_1_Selective_Service_card.jpg
    [3] Chester A Slingerland_Page_2_Selective_Service_card.jpg

    Headstone interment
    [4]Maj Chester A Slingerland; Hestone-Interment.jpg
    Overview 23 March 1945
    [5] Maj Slingerland 24 March 1945.jpg
    Estimated crash location from MACR
    [6] MACR_14044_Page_5_44-33570_crash_map.jpg
    Fluid battle front during the time of loss.
    15 March 1945
    [7] 15 March 1945 GerWW2BattlefrontAtlas.jpg
    01 April 1945
    [8] 01 April 1945 GerWW2BattlefrontAtlas.jpg

    A photo of Major Slingerland other than a newspaper clipping image (already found) would be most welcome.
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    CAVU 42-E_Slingerland photo from yearbook page_edited-1.jpg Maj Chester A Slingerland 393rd FS.jpg
    Hello All,
    Here are a couple photos of Chester A. Slingerland.
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