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Lt. Edward Gingwick, 868th BS Snoopers

Discussion in '868th BS - Snoopers' started by 424thBS#1son, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    Looking for info on the above 868th BS officer. I believe his last name is spelled incorrectly so I cannot find any info. Any help? Thanks.

    Jim McCabe, 307th BG Historian
  2. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    There was a Lt Edward Gingerich, bombardier, in the 868ths BS. B-24, 44-41808 lost on 23 July 45. 7 KIA and 3 RTD/RMC. 35 page MACR on fold3.com. All of the men listed KIA are still on the dpaa MIA list except McDermott. However, McDermott is on the abmc missing list:



    Pilot, 1st Lt Walter N. Low RTD
    Co-Pilot, 2nd Lt Donald C. McDermott KIA
    Navigator, 2nd Lt Stanley L. Reed RTD
    Bombardier, 2nd Lt Edward Gingerich RMC
    Engineer, S/Sgt Clatie R. Cunningham Jr. KIA
    Assistant Engineer, Sgt Charles E. Carroll KIA
    Radio Operator, S/Sgt Roy R. Hayes KIA
    Radar Operator, S/Sgt John W. Knigga KIA
    Gunner, S/Sgt Nicholas Meriage KIA
    Gunner, Sgt Clifton E. Leach KIA

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  3. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    Found the correct spelling on https://www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/Search.aspx
    Lt. Edward Gingerich
    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    Thanks RSSwank! We consider the 868th BS Snoopers, our guys. There is an account of the rescue at http://www.pbyrescue.com/ under Rescues 24 July 1945. I have contacted the webmaster for a correction to his name and the family was most pleased to receive the 2nd ERS listing and your list of the entire crew.

    Jim McCabe, Historian
    307th BG Assoc.
  5. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    Lt Reed, the navigator was rescued by the submarine HMS Sidon on 28 July at 11.57'N, 112.48'E. Lt Low was rescued by the submarine USS Hammerhead.

    "28 Jul 1945
    At 1938 hours (zone -9), in position 11.57'N, 112.48'E HMS Sidon (Lt. H.C. Gowan, RN) picked up 2nd Lt. S. Reed, USAAF from a raft."


    28-Jul-45, USS Hammerhead (SS-364), War Patrol No. 7, CDR F. M. Smith

    "On July 28, 1945, at 0055 hours, while en route to Subic Bay from her assigned patrol area, Hammerhead's lookout sighted a small boat 2,000 yards distant in moonlight. They closed the boat, awakened First Lieutenant W. N. Low, USAAF from a sound and comfortable sleep and took him aboard. He had drifted and sailed about 300 miles since the morning of July 23rd, when his B-29 (sic) ditched off Indochina near Saigon. Hammerhead had learned of the B-29's (sic) misfortune the previous night from the British submarine HMS Sidon. The rescue took place at 12°-12' N, 112°-40' E."

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  6. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    USS Hammerhead Operations

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  7. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Rescue of Stanley Reed

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  8. RSwank

    RSwank Well-Known Member

    The question I have about this is what submarine was the "lifeguard" submarine that was contacted by radio by one of the other B-24s and supposedly gave their location to be 10 11N, 108 20E. This was then the location where the men bailed out. Looking through the log of the Hammerhead, it does not appear that they were contacted. I looked through the logs of several submarines in the area at the time but none seems to have been the designated "lifeguard" submarine.

    If the lifeguard submarine was following protocol they would not have given their location as 10 11N, 108 20E. Rather there would have been a secret "lifeguard spot" location, perhaps a nearby island or just a point in the sea. They would have given their actual location as a distance and direction from that previously agreed to "lifeguard" spot. The "lifeguard" spot changed daily and had to be known beforehand by both the aircrews and the submarine crews. If the two crews were "not on the same page" regarding the daily secret spot to measure from, they could end up in different places. I wonder if that possibly happened in this case.
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  9. 424thBS#1son

    424thBS#1son New Member

    From 2nd ERS site-OA-10A Landing coordinates with takeoff at 11:30, spotted sub 22 minutes later on way to Palawan. Does this help any?:
    26 JULY 1945
    44-34051(CV-562)** | CALLSIGN:"Playmate 61" | CREW:(Pilot) 2nd Lt. Bryan W. GuessMISSION:- Cover strike on southern Borneo

    0530: Takeoff Morotai
    1230: Reached orbit point, Kabaladoea, 02°35"S 117°25'E
    1345: Received call from Leopard A/1 that all planes cleared target
    1350: Departed orbit point
    2000: Landed at Morotai
    AIRCRAFT TYPE: B-17H | USAAF SERNO:43-39367 | CALLSIGN:"Jukebox 66" | CREW: (Pilot) 1st Lt. Julian P. RogersMISSION:- Search for survivors and Flying Dutchman's boat around P. Cecir Mer Island


    Take Off Palawan


    Arrived at orbit point, start expanding square search, eighteen legs covering an area twenty eight miles square, saw nothing but a couple of P-38 belly tanks. Visual contact with Playmate 67. VHF contact with Playmate 67. Ladybug two said Playmate 67s radio was out and they had taken off were going home.


    Tried to contact sub on CW-not successful


    Departed search area-returning to base


    Landed, Palawan

    AIRCRAFT TYPE: OA-10A* | USAAF SERNO:44-33941(CV-452)** | CALLSIGN:"Playmate 67" | CREW:(Pilot) 2nd Lt. Donald F. McKeon, (Co-Pilot) 2nd Lt. Lavern M. Mellstrom, (Navigator) 2nd Lt. James E. Beavers, (Flight Surgeon) Capt. Nicholas E. Bailey, (Engineer) S/Sgt Frank J. Cope, (Radio) Sgt Lawrence R. Holley, (Radar) S/Sgt Ronald C. Gibson

    MISSION: - Search for survivors and Flying Dutchman's boat around P. Cecir Mer Island


    Take off Palawan


    Contacted convoy (visual and radio) 126°50'E, 02°42'N, also shakespear


    Arrived P. Cecir Mer Island (10°33'N - 108°58'E) Ladybug two not present


    Ladybug two arrived at rendezvous point


    Started search


    Ladybug located one man raft at 11°N - 110°E


    Landed 11°N - 110°E and picked up one man in one man raft; Lt Edward Gingevich, 02065271 from the 868th Bomb Recon Sqd, Morotai. Sea swells were approximately 10 feet, wind 250° at 16 knots


    take off, Hull of plane badly damaged, bombardier window broken, all radio equipment out


    Sighted sub, unable to contact him


    Landed Palawan

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