Lt. B. Davis O-365318

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    I have another research project; and another request for assistance from forum members. I am looking for anything I can find on a Lieutenant B. Davis, O-365318, who apparently was a glider pilot. This name and number and the date "11-2-42" are inscribed on the back of the glider pilot wings as can be seen in the attached photo.


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    Well, that's a bit disconcerting to see this discrepancy. I wonder if there is a transposition somewhere. I would presume this man knew his "O" number unless someone has faked this inscription.

    I don't know if the date was intended to be February 11, 1942 or November 2, 1942. Either way, was there glider pilot training going on at that time?
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    Found this:

    One thing it seems to suggest is that at the start glider pilots were Staff Sargents, then late in 1942 the rank of Flight Officer was approved.
    So being a Lt in the program in 1942 might also seem odd.

    On this link:
    he mentions that there were a few commissioned pilots (but the way I read it, they were Lts before being trained as glider pilots), so they were probably Lts but not trained pilots before starting glider training.

    Off topic... but it has come up before, it appears on Feb 4, 1943 Glider pilots were allowed to fly Liason A/C under 180 HP.

    The above link came off this page, which has some other linked pages of possible interest:

    In particular there are two different flow charts for training in 1942.
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    I guess it might help to know if there were glider classes that graduated a pilot named Davis on either February 11, 1942 or maybe more likely November 2, 1942. It still seems like the "O" number would be the key bit of information here as the initial "B" could be a middle name, nickname, etc.
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    Well, that seems pretty solid confirmation that he is the rightful owner of the O number at issue. Thanks for that bit of information.

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