Loss of Mosquito MT482 22 Apr 1945

Discussion in '416th NFS' started by jherron, Oct 21, 2016.

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    Hello! Jack Herron here, Some years ago I posted on this forum information about my uncle, 2LT Jack Herron KIA when Mosquito MT482 from the 416th was lost on 22 April '45. An Italian gentleman I met thru this forum was looking for the crash site (along with other aircraft). When the forum changed I lost contact information with him. Does anyone know if the crashsite of MT482 was ever found? Aircraft believd lost over the PO river valley area (see MACR14065) As an aside, a color photo of MT482 was found on another site by accident which was nothing short of an amazing coincidence.
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    Jack was is Giorgio Pietrobon ; Giorgio Pietrobon <giorgiopietrobon@libero.it>

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    stefano sernagiotto <stefano.sernagiotto@gmail.com>

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