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Loss 2nd. Lt. Rudolph A Daubert (Daudert)

Discussion in '354th FG' started by Hartmann Dirk, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. Hartmann Dirk

    Hartmann Dirk New Member


    just looking for all Information`s about the Loss of 2nd. Lt. Rudolph A Daubert /some writing is also "Daudert" from 355 FS. He lost his life on 23rd March 1944 in Sieber (Harz Mountain Region) in Lower Saxony during Air Battle.
    Looking for all Infos about this Loss !!!

    Greetings streak98 ( Dirk)
  2. 25Kingman49

    25Kingman49 Well-Known Member

    The 11 page MACR 3270 starts here on fold3 https://www.fold3.com/image/28622738 2nd Lt. Rudolph Adolph Daudert, ASN: O-812765 (Queens, New York) was flying P-51B-1-NA-43-12443. His original enlistment ASN: 12086717 entering service on 23 June 1942 from New York, NY. NARA record https://aad.archives.gov/aad/record...&bc=sd&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=24807&rlst=24807,26997

    Joe Baugher http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/1943_2.html P-51B-1-NA-43-12443: to RAF as Mustang III FX915. Returned to USAAF Dec 28, 1943, no RAF service. With 355th FS, 354th FG, 9th AF shot down by Bf 109G-6 believed flown by Lt Harro Schluter of JG 3/1 at Sieber Herzberg am Harz, SE of Hannover, Germany Mar 23, 1944. MACR 3270. Pilot killed.

    Lt. Harro Schl├╝ter http://www.cieldegloire.com/jg_003h.php

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  3. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

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  4. Hartmann Dirk

    Hartmann Dirk New Member


    Thanks for helping !!! ....It`s great.....

    greetings Dirk
  5. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    Edited records at the American Air Museum to correct the misspelling of his last name and added his ASN and Purple Heart info. Unfortunately I don't know how to remove the duplicate listing.

    Dirk, if you have a photo I can add it to the AAM listings.


    EDIT: removed the link to the duplicate listing at the AAM
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  6. Hartmann Dirk

    Hartmann Dirk New Member

    Hi Lucky Partners,

    Thanks for these Infos.... Sorry, but I`ve no Photo or something like this (Group Picture) from 2nd. Lt. Daudert... also nothing found at the Web...!!!

    Greetings streak98 (Dirk)
  7. Lucky Partners

    Lucky Partners Well-Known Member

    Using information kindly provided by Forum member Bomber Command I have edited the duplicate entry at the AAM and requested that they delete the duplicate. Thank you Keith.
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  8. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member


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