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Looking for photos of 348th Fighter Group P-47s in natural aluminum

Discussion in '348th FG' started by ChuckC, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. ChuckC

    ChuckC New Member

    We are restoring a P-47D-23-RA ( Razorback natural aluminum finish) that was definitely Fifth Air Force and most likely 348th FG but possibly 58th FG. The serial number is 42-27609. I've extensively searched online and know about the photos and information on Pacific Wrecks.com. I also have some photos by Charles Darby of the plane as a wreck. What we don't have is photos of the plane in flying condition during the war.

    I believe someone must have a photo saved and in a drawer or album. We'd be willing to pay for one to be able to definitively say which Fighter Group and Squadron this war veteran P-47 served in. We'd like to properly honor the correct squadron by painting the P-47 in the correct markings.

    Here is a link for more information and photos of the project:http://www.projects.aircorpsaviation.com/p-47-razorback/
  2. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    You can send John Griffith an email : jcatrocks@cox.net
    He knows more about the 348th FG.

  3. ChuckC

    ChuckC New Member

    Thank you, I did get in contact with John. I appreciate you taking time to give me the contact information.
  4. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    Chuck on Fold3 you can for free look at 58th FG. There is a photo of P-47D # 42-27995 IN SILVER.
    You can also send me an email : beervanvermeer@kpnmail.nl

  5. buckeyeuk

    buckeyeuk Member

    Hi Chuck no photo I'm afraid but I'm wondering why there are TWO insignia under the right wing ( one normal barred and a smaller one inboard where the pylon would be ) ? also looks like it's camouflaged. No doubt that 609 was unpainted.
  6. ChuckC

    ChuckC New Member

    Hi Nick,

    Sorry for the delayed response. I thought I would get an email notification of a post in this thread but I didn't or else it was kicked out by my firewall.

    I am not sure which photo you are looking at that has 2 insignias under the wing. If you mean the one that shows two wings in storage below, I really don't know. Those wings are definitely not from 42-27609 but are among the P-47 parts we have gathered. It certainly is a good question. I will ask around to see if anyone here knows the answer or the original origin of this set of wings.

  7. buckeyeuk

    buckeyeuk Member

    Thanks Chuck that's the one. Definitely 2 stars there. No big deal but these things bug me ! I really must get out more.
    BTW I see your posts on FB as Julie is on there. Hope you are well.
  8. ChuckC

    ChuckC New Member

    I asked around and so far no one knows. We purchased some P-47 parts and wings, etc. These were part of that and so the origins aren't as well known as much of what we have.

    It bugs me now ,too, so I will keep checking around. I have never seen a picture with two insignia on one wing.

    I enjoy seeing Julie's posts on FB.

  9. buckeyeuk

    buckeyeuk Member

    Hi Chuck on the subject of insignia note that the D-23-RA had the fuselage insignia applied IN PRODUCTION wholly behind the intercooler doors; the great majority of MTO / CBI / Pacific P-47s retained them there as the letters / numbers were marked forward; in the Eighth and Ninth in England the insignia was moved forward at Depots ( or RAF Maintenance Units) to allow room for the aircraft letter at the rear ( there were inevitably a few exceptions ). At factory level the insignia was re-marked at the new forward position in later D-RE and RA blocks again very few exceptions ( like D-28-RA 8N--X 42-28929).
    Also all RAs including D-23s , and early REs had a horizontal stroke on the "2"s as shown here, later REs had sloping strokes.
    This is a D-23-RA in India with Tenth AF.
    Nick p47-star.jpg
  10. ChuckC

    ChuckC New Member

    Hi Nick,

    I must confess I had been remiss in not checking here enough. We received the Red Tail? Tuskegee Airman P-51C to repair, and two other projects, an AT-11 and an AT-10, which I had to get information on .

    Thank you for the great information on the placement of insigni. I can now tell immediately if a P-47 was Pacific theater with reasonable assurance. I've had the photo of 42-27607, which is easily found online. It was sent to Europe and is a perfect example of what you say about the stars and bars placement . Two P-47s that are only 2 numbers apart with the different placement. Ours has enough of a "shadow " of the insignia to show it is behind the intercooler doors.

    I had hoped to have an answer about the two stars on the wing above, but no one seems to know. Everyone I talk to says it shouldn't be there. I suppose it is possible that the wing was messed with after coming off the aircraft, but painting an incorrectly sized star in that placement would be odd indeed.

    All I have been able to do regarding the squadron search so far is eliminate some possibilities. It appears that it could not have been in the 342nd squadron because they had a radio upgrade that my information says required the removal of the "Christmas Tree tank" (which ours still has).

    I continue to search , sometimes it takes years.

    Best regards,

    best regards,
  11. Hi Chuc.

    It could be a P-47 of the 348FG/340FS.

    The attached pic is P-47D-20 serial #42-25408 (probable) assigned to 340th FS 348th FG with nose art 'ROLY POLY'. Flown by ace Capt. Myron Hnatio.

    That P-47 was in another pic of P-47 flightline at Finschhafen which is 340th FS given the fighter at right has serial #42-76041.

    P-47 in PTO has least knowledge of serials assigned to fighter groups. Over time this situation will improve.

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2016
  12. ChuckC

    ChuckC New Member

    Many thanks for the images Darryl. I have been gradually ruling out squdrons as details emerge through research, the 340th is definitely still a possibility, though probably later than when they were at Finschafen.

    I recently connected with a restorer in Oz who knows some of the background for 609. I am hopeful to get closer to a solution. On possibility that seems more and more likely is that it was used for combat training as the new 460th FS was being worked up at Nadzab. It still may have been in combat earlier in 1944 though.

    thanks again!
  13. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member

    two articles of Myron Hnatio

    Attached Files:

  14. Thanks Airwar,

    The newspaper article says 1/Lt Hnatio downed a Zero but it was more likely a Ki-43 Oscar of the 59th Sentai. This shootdown took place in the vicinity of Dagua and But airfields north of Wewak.

  15. Airwar

    Airwar Well-Known Member


    I know that Steve Blake having also an great archive of photos of the Pacific fightergroups. Probably he has more.


  16. ChuckC

    ChuckC New Member

    Thanks for all the great help. This one is a tough one. I would love to have a picture of 42-27609 in service but the ones of other natural aluminum P-47 -23s are very useful as well. Here is a link to the updates I write on the project if you are interested: http://www.projects.aircorpsaviation.com/p47-story/

    Any help is always appreciated in the quest to pin down this Thunderbolt's service. My current theory is that it may have been used as a transition trainer when the 460th was formed. The time frame is right and it would help explain why it was abandoned at Dobodura, far from the fighting in September '44. It most likely would have been with another squadron for a while before the 460th was formed. However, I have been told that most of the P-47 wrecks and parts at Dobodura were from the 58th FG which left Dobodura in August'44. So that is another theory. But I cannot prove either yet.

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