Looking for information on my grandfather Donald K Glimp - Top turret gunner on B-24 Bomer

Discussion in '491st BG - Metfield & North Pickenham' started by Kathleen, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Duke

    Duke New Member

    A crew photo from page 131 of the 'Ringmaster History'


  2. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    Thanks for posting this picture Duke. My grandfather is on the bottom row far left.
  3. Rolland -
    I forgot to say Left the War in Europe Early.
    My Bad,
  4. Duke

    Duke New Member

    Again Mike, I still don't understand what point you are trying to make with the comment that the 491st 'Left the War in Europe Early'. There were other groups that began returning to the US before the 491st. To go over some of the dates: the 491st flew their last mission on 25 Apr 45; VE-Day was 8 May 45; they flew 'Trolley Missions' between 11 May and 16 May 45; the aircrew flew 81 planes back to the states, departing North Pickenham on 17, 18, & 19 Jun 45; the ground and administrative personnel returned to the US by ship about 7 Jul 45. The war in Europe had been over for 2 months before the last of the 491st personnel departed for the US. So I ask again: Why do you say they 'Left Early'?

    Kathleen, here's a photo of the plane 'Hot Rock' that is said to be 44-40162. I found it on page 182 of the 'Ringmaster History'.


    The tail letter on 44-40162 was 'A+' and the plane was always with the 855th BS and always A+.

  5. David Mercado

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    The 491st flew their last mission was on April 25, 1945. After that, they flew Trolley missions for the ground personnel to see Germany.
  6. Tracy S

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    Donald Keith Glimp is my grandfather (actually step-grandfather, he married my grandmother when my dad was growing up). I have some photos of him that my cousin recently found in her mother's effects. I have them in an album but as this is my first post I'm not sure how to share them. Hopefully this works.
  7. Tracy S

    Tracy S New Member

    Kathleen, Donald Glimp married my grandmother later in life (1952ish). My cousin found some photos of him in her mother's belongings. I posted them on another (dead?) thread but I'll post them here also in the event they help someone else on this thread. If we find more as we go through boxes of belongings I'll update this.

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  8. Lucky Partners

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    Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Looks as if you and Kathleen who started this thread may be related. Hopefully she will come back and see your message.
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  9. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    Tracy, sorry I haven't posted a reply sooner. I have been very busy and haven't checked my email in sometime. I remember your dad Sidney and your Mom. I appreciate you posting these pictures. The only picture I have is the one of Grandpa standing in front of what looks like the barracks. I would love to have any information you have about Grandpa's service that you can locate.

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