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    Yes, he was also known as 'Mac' Pockey.
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    Could it be possible that he was assigned to this crew after VE-Day but prior to VE-Day could he have not been assigned to a crew and yet still have flown on missions? Did they have such things as stand-by's or something?
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    My comments in that post were speculation based on dates shown in an earlier post. The current working theory regarding missing data on the web site we were using as a source makes that speculation less likely. We still have a long way to go before nailing this down with any certainty. Records held at the Archives in Virginia would likely hold the answers.
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    When I look that the individual page for Pockey, the 29 May 45 date is for RZI orders which I "think" means that on that date the orders came down for the Pockey (and crew) to Return to the Zone of the Interior (i.e. return to the US.).
    (You can click on the names in post 5 to get to the individual page. They all seem to be the same)

    Thus the 29 May 45 date may not be the date they were assigned to the 467th (or to a BS within the group) but rather when they (probably with many others) were ordered to return. It may well be that the records for the 467th don't show when they arrived. Since they seem to have been in England in February, they may well have gotten to the BG and flown some missions before the war ended.
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    You guys are fantastic! I was just at a memorial for my Great Uncle Bill (William Keneally) who was also in the Army Air Corps during WWII. He was a B-25 Pilot and served in the Pacific theater. I found out that he flew around 60 missions and I believe he was shot down over an island at one point. I realized though, that my family history is being lost because we aren't documenting any of this history. My father passed away back in 1983 and I want to try to capture his history for my children. My father's brother James (mentioned in the PDF files attached in this thread is still alive (he is 97 years old and in great shape). He also served in the war as a medic stationed in England (I have a picture of my dad and him together in England). I am trying to find that photo so I can post it.

    At some point I want to try to find out my Uncle Bill's information as well. He didn't like talking about his time in the war so I wan to at least find out as much as I can on my own. As for my Uncle Jim, I will try to get his story before he passes. I know he went to the Anniversary in DC a couple of years ago.

    Having served in the United States Marine Corps myself ('84 - '88), I believe that it is vital that their legacy lives on for future generations.

    Again, I really cannot thank you all enough.
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    Was your Uncle William B Kenealy? I can find a MACR or (part of one) for the loss of a B-25 42-32262, 38th BG with him listed a co-pilot. After bailing out, all of the crew eventually made it back to base except one. I can send it to you if you want. Some pages are very dark and in poor condition, hard to read. The name is written as "Kenealy" in the report, even though pacific wrecks has it with two "l".


    For those with fold3 access, MACR starts here: https://www.fold3.com/image/28597528
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    Yes, William B Kenealy was my uncle. Thank you so much!
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    Was your uncle Bill from the DC area? Have a son named Bill who went to Notre Dame in the '60s??
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    Likely your uncle Bill's original enlistment 12 March 1942, ASN: 12073957 https://aad.archives.gov/aad/record...&tf=F&q=12073957&bc=sl&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=538337

    William B. Kenealy, Pennsylvania, Veteran Comp. App. Overseas service 19 July 1943 to 26 August 1944, 1 year, 39 days.

    William B. Kenealy, Pennsylvania, Veteran Comp. App..jpg

    William Bernard Kenealy Selective Service Card
    William Bernard Kenealy Selective Service Card.jpg

    William Bernard Kenealy folded his wings 7 November 2016, age 98. No findagrave memorial found. His obituary is available here http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/potterleaderenterprise/obituary.aspx?pid=182505339 and attached PDF

    Kenealy 1940 Census attached.

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    No, my Uncle Bill was from Coudersport / Roulette PA area.

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